Mrs Hinch opens up about 'bra-gate' during This Morning appearance

She's the Instagram cleaning sensation

Sophie Hamilton

You've got to love Mrs Hinch - otherwise known as Sophie Hinchliffe - who has taken Instagram somewhat by storm with her adorable passion for cleaning and home décor. She gives her cleaning products cute human names and refers to her followers as her beloved 'Hinchers'. The social media star, who has a whopping 2.2million Instagram followers and is expecting her first baby, appeared on This Morning on Wednesday and finally addressed that now infamous 'bra incident' from her last visit to the show. Remember back in September when Mrs Hinch clutched her bosom and proceeded to run backstage?


Photo credit: Instagram / Mrs Hinch

At the time, we all wondered what on earth was going on. Well, now Sophie has revealed exactly what happened as she demonstrated cleaning methods on air, and we really feel for her.

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Show host Phillip Schofield said: "You're one of the family now so we can bring this up and show this clip. This is the bra issue here." Holly Willoughby added: "Bra-gate". If it hadn't been embarrassing enough first time around, poor Mrs Hinch had to re-live her wardrobe malfunction.


Phil continued: "If you watch that through you can see that you were holding your top and that was because your mic was pulling your bra down." Mrs Hinch explained: "They weigh a ton, these mics. I don't know how you do it. So I'm thinking to myself, it's live, don't panic, am I going to fall out on the cooker? I didn't know what was happening. And then the worst thing is, you hadn't even stopped filming and I'm running off."

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The trio had a giggle about the funny moment, with Mrs Hinch revealing: "I've mentioned it in my book. I've said, guys, this is what happened. Nearly lost my bra live on TV. Do you know what, it happens doesn't it?"


Photo credit: Instagram / Mrs Hinch

Yes, these things do happen, Mrs Hinch, which is why everyone loves you so much! And life is about to get even busier for the cleaning whizz, whose debut book, 'Hinch Yourself Happy' hits shelves 4 April. Her Instagram fans are sure to be queuing early doors for a chance to have the book signed by Britain's new national treasure.

Who knew cleaning could be so cool?

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