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5 times Meghan Markle wore Princess Diana's most precious jewels

From diamond necklaces to Cartier watches, the Duchess of Sussex has worn several of her late mother-in-law's jewellery pieces through the years

Princess Diana's jewellery that Meghan Markle now wears

The Duchess of Sussex has one of the most stunning jewellery collections, with everything from pearls gifted by the late Queen Elizabeth II to inherited royal heirlooms making up her glittering archive.

Meghan has been seen wearing several pieces that once belonged to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. From her spellbinding engagement ring, to diamond sets and vintage watches, several of the former Princess of Wales' jewels have been gifted to Meghan by her husband, Prince Harry

Take a closer look at some of the priceless jewellery pieces in the royal colleciton in the clip below...

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Princess Diana is understood to have written a personal letter of wishes to her sons William and Harry, permitting them to share her precious jewellery with their future wives. "I would like you to allocate all my jewellery to the share to be held by my sons, so that their wives may, in due course, have it or use it", the Princess stated.

In the five years that Meghan has been married to Prince Harry, we've seen her debut jewellery from Diana's collection, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Scroll on to discover all of Diana's jewels that Meghan has worn in public.

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