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The Cry finale: Find out how the dark BBC One drama ended

We finally know what happened to baby Noah

Emmy Griffiths

The Cry has kept viewers talking throughout its four-episode run thanks to it's many, many twists and turns. Since the finale aired on Sunday night, we finally know the whole truth about what happened to baby Noah and Alastair, and whether Jo really was guilty of any crimes. Find out exactly what happened here…


Jo founds out that Alastair was behind her baby's death

After the shocking revelation in the penultimate episode that Jo was actually on trial for the murder of Alastair, not baby Noah, the finale shows how her husband's death came about. In a flashback, it is revealed that although Alastair convinces Jo she gave their baby the wrong medicine, it was actually he who fed Noah the wrong, ultimately fatal dosage, and lied to Jo to avoid the repercussions. Jo finds out the truth after speaking to another passenger on the plane, who says to her: "Even after we landed, your husband was so tender with the little fellow at the car hire, when he was crying. I wish you well and hope you find some peace in your days," proving that Noah was still alive after Jo had given him his medicine. After Jo finds out the truth, she kills Alastair in revenge for her child and letting her believe she was responsible, unbuckling his seatbelt then deliberately crashing their car. However, she tells the court that the crash was an accident, and is found not guilty.


Alastair gave Noah the wrong medicene

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The show then ends with Jo moving to Australia, and lying on the floor of her new home, where baby Noah is buried. Fans of the show were quick to discuss the episode on social media, with one writing: "I haven't hated a fictional character as much as Alistair since Voldemort. That. Was. Sensational. Jenna Coleman is everything." Another person added: "This is literally one of the greatest finales of any TV show in recent times. @bbcone and everyone who worked on it should be immensely proud. My mouth has been open for the whole hour, literally shocked and speechless @Jenna_Coleman_ is amazing, her acting is so powerful."

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