Through the Keyhole: Can you guess who lives in this amazing house? Watch the video

We're going to go with some sort of footballer...

Through the Keyhole is back on our screens on Saturday night, and sees host Keith Lemon visit the homes of the anonymous rich and famous while leaving the panellists, and indeed the viewers at home, to try and guess who owns the fancy pad. In a sneak peek clip for the opening episode, Keith shows us around a "metallic bar come awards room come night club", which contains an England shirt, a line of autographed footballs and perhaps the most telling of all, the Ballon d'Or. Think you've worked it out? Tune in on Saturday at 9.30pm on ITV to find out...

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Admiring the incredible award, which has its own, rotating platform, Keith joked: "The biggest Ferrero Rocher I've ever seen in my… life," before mishearing his assistant and calling the accolade 'the Batman door'. The house also boasts on an idea pool and gym, along with a tanning bed, and the show's panellists Sally Phillips, Chris Kamara and Danny Dyer are in charge of working out who lives there.

Where is Keith? Tune in on Saturday to find out!

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Keith previously opened up about how things can go wrong on the show while on The Jonathan Ross Show, admitting: "We were in Su Pollard's house and we accidentally set fire to her curtains and that wasn't for the show, it was because we put the lights too close to the curtains then we had to tell her we'd burnt the curtains down. She was a lovely woman. She got some new curtains." He added that he would love to visit Jonathan himself to star on the show, telling him: "A lot of people ask me whose house would I like to do and I always say your name. I like seeing all your magic tricks. You collect such interesting things."

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