Concerned viewers praise Penny Lancaster for fearlessness on Famous and Fighting Crime

Don't mess with officer Penny Lancaster!

Emmy Griffiths

Penny Lancaster took viewers of Famous and Fighting Crime by surprise on Monday evening by chasing down a shoplifter who threatened her with a dirty needle. The series, which gives celebrities a chance to volunteer as special constables with the Cambridgeshire police force, saw Penny, Made in Chelsea's Jaime Laing, former Gogglebox star Sandi Bogle, comedian Marcus Brigstocke and Katie Piper all try their hand at fighting crime for the day.


Penny chased down a shoplifter

Speaking about Penny's quick-thinking actions on Twitter after she chased down a suspect, one person wrote: "Massive respect for Penny Lancaster! #FamousAndFightingCrime. I'm quite impressed by this show so far. Showing the harsh realities of what officers face day to day!" Another person wrote: "I'm pretty sure Penny Lancaster doesn't have Twitter but hopefully @rodstewart will see how much love she is getting following the airing of #famousandfightingcrime. What a woman! She's a force to be reckoned with. Go on gal!" Fans were also delighted when the Loose Women panellist tucked into a well-deserved KFC after a long day, with one person writing: "Good to see Penny Lancaster eating and having an appetite. You earned it. Good on you girl!"

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Earlier in the episode, Penny grew emotional after a training exercise reminded her of being attacked by a stranger as a child. Speaking about her experience, she explained: "Growing up I was mollycoddled and protected by my family until the day I was attacked walking to school. There was a man on the corner which I didn't think too much of, but when I was on the underpass I heard footsteps behind me and those footsteps became quicker until I was running and he was running and he grabbed me on the other side and pulled my skirt up and wouldn't let go of me and I punched and kicked and punched and kicked and screamed until he did run off. I was only 11."

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