Find out what happened to meat cleaver man in Baptiste

Whatever happened to the henchman who broke into Genevieve's flat?

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Fans loved the season finale of Baptiste, but there was one question that seemed to be on everyone's lips – whatever happened to Toma, the henchmen with a meat cleaver who entered Genevieve's apartment only never to be seen again? Viewers were quick to question his whereabouts on Twitter following the episode, with one writing; "Why did the meat cleaver baddy tidy up a transformer and then just disappear?" Another person joked: "Is meat cleaver man stuck in a cupboard somewhere?"


Niels turned out to be corrupt

Another person tweeted: "I feel confused with that finale... did the guy with the meat chopper just wonder round the coppers house for a laugh?" However, one eagle-eyed viewer was quick to clear things up, explaining: "[People] asking about meat cleaver man: he legged it after Niels name was out in the open as it would be pointless to kill Genevieve by then. Plus, he didn't seem very keen on killing a police officer judging by his previous convo with Niels #Baptiste."

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Speaking about a potential season two, show co-creator Jack Williams said: "Going back into the profession full time is probably not something [Baptiste is] going to do. No, what we're interested in seeing him do is ending up having to help and looking into what the familial connection to that is, rather than him being brought in and paid as a consultant. We don't want to see him being hired by the police department to consult because then it risks becoming very much a procedural detective show. I think, going forward, we'd like to find ways to avoid repeating ourselves and to break the mould again." Fans were also shocked to discover that Niels was the corrupt cop all along, and co-creator Harry Williams opened up about whether he'd be in season two, explaining: " Niels will probably have more secrets. I think this won't be the last we see of him. Unless we don't see another Baptiste, in which case we won't see any of them again!"

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