Britain's Got Talent finalist accuses show producers of sabotaging his act

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Emmy Griffiths

Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Jimmy Tamley has posted a lengthy Facebook message accusing the show of sabotaging his chances in the popular reality show competition. The ventriloquist was at the centre of controversial during his live performance when he brought Simon Cowell on stage and attempted to have him do a 'can-can' dance, causing the judge to walk off stage. Speaking about the incident on social media, Jimmy wrote: "I WAS THROWN UNDER THE BUS BY BGT PRODUCERS… I honestly wasn't expecting the fiasco that unfolded on Thursday night. Just want to tell events from my perspective... When I was invited to enter BGT series 13, I was under no illusion that curve balls potentially would be coming my way, having had previous experience of this with BGT."

Jimmy posted about the act on Facebook

He proceeded to explain that while he usually does a classic ventriloquist act with a puppet, producers persuaded him to use masks instead to a great result. For the semi-final, producers suggested that he bring David Walliams and Simon Cowell on stage for the act. Jimmy wrote: "All the producers and top executives knew and approved what I was going to do. They even SOURCED the Cancan music to use on the show… On Thursday, the day of my show, I asked the producers if the judges would be attending the dress rehearsal and was told that they wouldn't. I then asked if Simon Cowell knew he was going to be used in my participation act and have a mask put on his face, again they said no, he didn't know, but he had told them, and the criteria they worked on, was that he, 'liked surprises'."

Jimmy opened up about the incident

"You could see on TV that Simon was coerced up onstage by David and was reluctant to sit on the stool and have a mask put on his face. Looking at it now, I wonder what the producers were thinking. Was I, in effect being THROWN UNDER THE BUS? He clearly wasn’t willing to go along with any of this, and in his after comments he indicated that the producers would indeed be murdered." He added that he was "traumatised" by the incident, and was "absolutely gutted" as his partner and five children were watching in the audience.

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He added: "I really felt for them, as I just wanted to do a good spot and for them to feel proud of me." Fans were quick to offer their support to Jimmy, with one writing: "Much love to you Jimmy you are a true professional Talented performer." Another person added: "I watched you and I liked your act very much. Don't be hard on yourself we can see you have a great talent."

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