Should Amy break up with Curtis? Love Island sees most dramatic recoupling yet

Was Tuesday night's episode of Love Island it's most awkward yet?

Emmy Griffiths

Love Island's narrator, Iain Stirling, took to Twitter ahead of Tuesday night's episode, writing "TONIGHT'S EPISODE OF #loveisland IS IN THE TOP THREE OF ALL TIME. EASY." And what an episode it was. While fans were heartbroken at Amber's reaction when she realised that she had been dumped by Michael, Amy and Curtis had perhaps the most awkward recoupling of all time after he attempted to crack on with an (uninterested) Jourdan before going back to a clueless Amy. So where does that leave the pair?


Amy had been gushing about Curtis ahead of the recoupling, saying: "Before I left the Villa, I had started to have an inkling that I might love Curtis. He's my absolute favourite person and I thought I loved him before I came away but then I thought, I don't actually know what love is… Being here and not being able to contact him, not being able to see him has been so gut wrenching for me. I'm like, this is love, 100 per cent. I never thought it would happen to me." Meanwhile, Curtis had been having second thoughts about their relationship, and told Jourdan that he liked her, only to be rejected.

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During his recoupling speech, he said: "Things were going fantastic until a couple of days ago. Basically, a young lady walked into the villa and made me realise a lot of things. They've made me realise I've been lying to myself. Most of all, I had been lying to Amy, and that's not a good thing I just hope everything can be sorted out and this will even make us stronger than ever before, or this will break us." Since Amy didn't hear his speech ahead of returning to the villa, she walked back into the villa, saying: "[I feel] Good. So good. I've literally thought about him every minute of every day for the last four days, I’ve missed him so much, and all I've wanted – the girls are sick of me because I've been that girl."

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Fans were cringing at the awkward moment, with one writing: "Amy is so happy and it's so heartbreaking that she doesn't know what’s happened." Another person added: "The fact Curtis will probably go back to Amy only because it didn’t work out with Jourdan is actually heartbreaking for her." The preview on the next episode revealed that Amy and Curtis will have an argument about his behaviour while she was away, with her admitting to him that she was going to tell him she loves him. Do you think they should stay together? Vote in the above poll!