Find out Amber's reaction after Michael confesses his feelings on Love Island

Will the Amber and Michael saga ever be over?

Emmy Griffiths

Just when we thought that the Michael and Amber drama on Love Island was finally all over, Michael has managed to keep it going! In Thursday night's episode, the contestant tells Amber that he does still like her after all, despite telling her he was no longer interested on Monday. In the preview clip, he tells her: "I thought to myself, 'Do you know what? I'm just going to throw my pride out of the window and tell you how I feel because I do still like you.' I'd hate it if I didn't tell you and I left tomorrow."


Amber was surprised by Michael's confession

The pair's fellow islanders were clearly confused by his change of mind, with Molly-Mae saying: "Do you know how many times he's done this to her? 'Just to let you know it's done, it's done.'" Ovie added: "I definitely want what's best for her but when you make a call that big and it causes that much rift, your first thing in your head is, 'You're not listening to your heart. I made this call and now I need to stick with it.'" Anna also wasn't impressed, telling the others: "I feel like if Joanna was here this wouldn't be happening."


Michael tries to win Amber back in Thursday's episode

Amber has yet to reveal how she feels about the situation, but in the preview clip she tells the camera: "I really can't say how I feel, I'm still in shock." She also points out to Michael that he previously told her that he had found what he was looking for when he was coupled up with Joanna, to which he replies: "Did you hear me say anything about like, any specific person?" The preview also reveals that a recoupling is taking on Friday, meaning that Amber will have to choose whether she stays in her friendship couple with Ovie, or couples up with either Michael or the new boy in the villa, Greg.

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Fans were less than impressed by Michael's change of heart, with one person tweeting: "Who tf does Michael think he is taking Amber on a rollercoaster of emotions like that, disrespecting her, talking [expletive] about her, letting Joanna talk... about her and the second Joanna leaves he’s suddenly decided he likes her again?" Another person added: "Ew. Micheal is such a narcissist. He cheats on amber, spends two weeks somehow blaming her for it, then as soon as she moves on... wants her back. Praying amber tells him where to go."

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