Love Island's Danny and Jourdan are now officially a couple

Aw, this is so sweet!

Emmy Griffiths

Just a few weeks after they left the Love Island villa, former islanders Danny and Jourdan have confirmed that they are indeed coupled up in real life! The pair confirmed they were in a relationship while chatting on Capital Breakfast, and decided that their romance was a showmance. When asked if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, Jourdan said: "Potentially," while Danny added: "Yeah we have, so it's official!"


The couple have had they are now official

Speaking about the accusations that their relationshipwas a showmance, Jourdan added: "As much as there’s been loads of positivity and love and stuff, there’s also been quite a lot of negativity and I don’t think either of us would put ourselves through any more negativity and hate just for the sake of a picture on Instagram. It’s just not worth it. But I don’t really care if people don’t believe it because we know what it is." Danny added: "To a certain extent but then, you know, you’re in the villa for such a short amount of time, you only know these people for a short amount of time, so feelings aren’t that strong and now I’m at a stage with Jourdan where feelings are genuinely strong."

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Jourdan decided to stay with Danny after Curtis revealed that he liked her

The group also joked that Danny was a bad omen after Yewande, Arabella and Jourdan were all dumped from the island after coupling with him. He joked: "Is it my fault? Yeah I’ve seen a lot of things on Twitter and Instagram circulating calling me the travel agent and I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Fingers crossed, now we’re out the villa, there’s no more bad omens and we can just crack on and be positive." The loved-up pair also revealed that they had even met each other's families, with Jourdan joking: "You kind of had no choice though, they were all at the airport, and then I went to where he’s from to meet his family."

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