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Doc Martin star reveals the one storyline they almost weren't allowed to do

Doc Martin only covers medical dramas that have happened in real life

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Martin Clunes has opened up about Doc Martin on This Morning on Tuesday while joined by the real-life doctor Dr Martin, who is the inspiration behind the hit medical comedy. During the juicy interview, the pair revealed that one thing that was almost banned from the TV show – and it might surprise you! Chatting to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, the pair explained that they are only allowed to cover medical events that have actually happened in real life at least once.

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Martin opened up about the show

In the one episode in question, the screenwriters wanted to include a moment where a Black & Decker drill was used to relieve pressure after a head injury. Dr Martin explained: "When the story first came out, drilling a hole in somebody's head to relieve pressure after a head injury causing pressure on the skull... it was a great story. We thought it was very televisual, it will look good. But the compliance unit, that are a body to monitor our scripts, they said, 'If this has not happened, you can't do it'. We found that in Australia, it had really had happened. There was a time in the bush where someone had a head injury and the Black & Decker came out, a hole was drilled and the patient survived."

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Have you been watching the latest season?

He added: "Most surgery is conducted with household tools." Speaking about how the show was made in the first place, Dr Martin continued: "We took [the writer] down to Portobello Road and sat in a cafe and I told him funny stories from my life." Martin has previously opened up about how much he loves filming the long running series, explaining: "The county is so beautiful, and the people have been so warm and welcoming to us. It is the best job in television."

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