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Ant and Dec: the duo's funniest I'm a Celeb moments of all time

Fancy a laugh? Watch Ant and Dec's best I'm a Celebrity moments

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Ant and Dec are just hilarious on I'm a Celebrity, and after presenting the show together for an incredible 18 series (and 19 for Dec), the pair naturally have had some hysterical moments on the show that have stuck in our minds long after the episode finished. Check out the pair's most hilarious moments here…

Honey the kangaroo

In the earlier series, Ant and Dec would welcome Australian animals to the set of the show, including the adorable baby kangaroo, Honey. In one part of the show, the pair had a competition about who Honey loved more by both trying to feed her some milk. When Honey went to Dec, he called himself "Deccy Dolittle who talks to the animals," as Ant cracked up. 

dec 1


Dec's obsession with series 15 contestant Tony Hadley's stint on Celebrity Masterchef was one of the best gags of the show, period! After Tony mentioned his cooking skills, Dec would mention it at every opportunity, usually to huge laughs from the crew. 

He said: "Much like Tony Hadley's pumpkin risotto on Celebrity Masterchef," and, "We haven't seen knife skills like that since Tony Hadley filleted that sea bass on Masterchef." Ant eventually banned the mention of Masterchef, only to be tricked into saying it himself. In celebration, Dec ran down the gangplank, complete with sparklers, confetti and applause.

Ant & Dec's Celebrity MasterChef Joke Highlights | I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The hairy cardigan

There's nothing funnier than when Ant and Dec genuinely crack up laughing at one another, and this was an absolute classic. After watching Kim Woodburn complain that her white blonde hair had begun to break because she didn't have her luxury item of conditioner, Ant noticed that Dec had a new, white cardigan. Asking him where he got it from, Dec replied that he had found some wool by the creek (AKA Kim's hair), causing Ant to break down in fits of laughter.

dec cardi

Ant goes mad at Dec

The pair were celebrating the 300th Bushtucker trial, but every time Dec mentions that fact prematurely, the pair ended up covered in confetti. Pointing out that the confetti was meant to be for the end of their link, Dec said: "Sorry I won't do it again! The last thing I want to do is ruin the celebration of the 300th Bushtucker trial," once again causing more confetti to go off. When Ant went to do announce the trial at the end of their chat, naturally there was no confetti left to enjoy, leaving him disgruntled. Of course it was a planned joke, but we laughed all the same!

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Ant Loses It With Dec Whilst LIVE | I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

Dec takes a tumble

We don't know what was funnier about this accidental slip-up from 2010; Dec's dramatic stumble as he walked towards the camera, or Ant's reaction. Shouting and gabbing a tumbling Dec, he said: "Ooo, are you alright?! Where there's blame, there's a claim!" Pointing at the laughing crew, he shouted: "You're getting sued! You're all getting sued!"

I'm A Celeb 2010 Dec nearly falls

Teasing Dennis Wise

Dec couldn't resist teasing "teeny tiny Dennis Wise" during season 17, the gag being that he is pretty petite himself! Calling Dennis "a very small man," at every given opportunity, Ant eventually breaks it to him that he is also pretty short. However, the pair enjoyed plenty of laughs over the ongoing joke, particularly when Dec joked about Dennis leaving mouse droppings around the camp.

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It's fair to say that Ant and Dec were absolutely delighted when, back in 2017, Amir Khan and Iain Lee decided to eat the strawberries and cream themselves rather than bring the treat back to their fellow camp mates. Chatting on Extra Camp, Dec said: "We've been waiting for years, for people to go, 'We don't have to take this back, we could just eat it and lie about it,' and no one has ever done it." Ant added: "We had to pause it to catch our breath."

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Amir and Iain Confess: The Truth but Not the Whole Truth | I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here

Being admired by the campmates

Ant and Dec recently were pleased as punch to find out that Jacqueline Jossa and Nadine Coyle fancied them both. Jacqueline said: "They're a bit of alright! They're funny, they smell good and as they get older, they look better!" Ant and Dec posed looking incredibly pleased with themselves after hearing the girls, before Ant said: "There's more to us than our stunning good looks and sculpted bodies you know," before Dec added: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, we're not just pieces of meat guys."

Crying with laughter during Dean Gaffney's Bushtucker trial

Ant and Dec are usually quite well behaved during the Bushtucker trials, but they simply couldn't contain themselves during Dean's live trial. With no idea that he'd have to do a trial, Dean was simply terrified with the task ahead of him, and while the cheeky duo tried to be supportive, we think it's fair to say they failed! Fans discussed the episode, with one writing: "He's absolutely petrified and ant and Dec just laughs in his face," while another added: "Poor Dec, he just can't help it. I hate that laughter you don't want, but just can't keep back!"

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