Emmerdale star Chris Bisson makes huge revelation about who killed Graham Foster

The Jai Sharma actor is one of the suspects in the soap's latest murder storyline

Hanna Fillingham

Emmerdale fans are currently playing detective in the soap's latest whodunnit storyline, after Graham Foster was left for dead on Monday night. And among the suspects are Jai Sharma, played by Chris Bisson, who appeared on Tuesday's Lorraine to talk about his character's involvement. During the interview, the 44-year-old almost revealed what happened between his character and Graham, telling host Lorraine Kelly: "So, every night the first scene is the same every night but we follow different characters, tonight it's all about Jai and why he has a motive to kill him and we'll try to work out if he did." He continued: "In other episodes you may see bits of people passing through and you go: 'Hmm, arouses suspicion,' and by Thursday night we will know."


Emmerdale's Chris Bisson opened up about character Jai's involvement in Graham's murder

When Chris later opened up about not wanting his two young children to watch him on Emmerdale, he accidentally let slip that Jai will get into a fight with Graham, but not win. He said: "They get it, they don't watch it, I'm not sure I want Harry to watch this stuff tonight, but he did ask me about the fight that happens there. He said: 'Did you win the fight daddy?' and I'm like 'No,' oh, I'm giving too much away now." There are a number of suspects in the frame in the show's latest whodunnit, all of whom have motives to want to kill Graham. Among them are Kim Tate, Al Chapman and Marlon Dingle, as well as Charity Dingle and Jamie Tate.

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There are many culprits in the whodunnit storyline

Chris admitted that he already knew who the real culprit was, and revealed that a number of actors were called into a meeting last year to find out about the storyline, but that they weren't told whether or not their character was the murderer. He said: "Originally all the people got called into a meeting, and the producer said 'One of you killed Graham,' and stopped short of telling us who it was. The scripts were embargoed and then they would keep them a secret."

Emmerdale fans are already convinced that Jai will be framed for killing Graham after having a blackout while on a cocaine binge on Monday night's show. During the episode, Al was ordered to kill Graham by Kim, but viewers believe he was already dead. On Twitter, one fan wrote: "Jai will probably be on coke and won't remember anything and think he may have done it, I don’t know about being set up," while another speculated: "Wonder if it is Jai who kills Graham? If he takes them drugs he won't know what he is doing."

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