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7 brilliant original films and TV shows to watch on Disney+

Sure, Disney+ has The Little Mermaid and Monsters Inc, but what about their new content? 

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Disney+ will finally be available in the UK on Tuesday 24 March, and it couldn't have come at a better time. We are so excited for some welcome distraction, and while we love Disney's classics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars movies, the streaming service has plenty of brand new content for you to sink your teeth into! From live-action films to Jeff Goldblum's documentary, check out our top picks...

Fancy saving money on the subscription? An introductory offer for an annual subscription to the service is available now at just £49.99, a £10 saving from the usual annual cost of £59.99. It also works out much cheaper than paying the monthly rate of £5.99, and it is equivalent to £4.17 per month. 


High School Musical: The Musical: The Series 

This tongue-in-cheek mockumentary follows a group of students who attend the same high school where the High School Musical trilogy was filmed, and who want to put on a stage production of the films. The series was a hit with US audiences, and has already been renewed for season two. 


Will you be watching the HSM mockumentary?

Lady and the Tramp

There is a live-action Lady and the Tramp and no one told us?! This is a renewed instalment of the classic tale of Lady, a spoiled cocker spaniel pooch who find herself out on the streets and needing the help of Tramp, a street smart stray who looks out for her on their adventure. We can't wait to see the newly animated spaghetti and meatballs scene!

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum

Why not let Jeff tell you about his documentary series himself? He said: "The premise of the show is, because it’s the world according to Jeff Goldblum, it’s me with all the information and experience that my life has entailed up til this point now plopping me I go the world of and exploration of one thing or another. It’s not as if I do some extra homework/research/bone up on it so that I tend to know something about it and then tell you about it. No, it’s not like that." In the show, Jeremy looks at different things that interest in, and speaks to experts on the subject to learn more. 

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Jeff Goldblum stars in his own documentary

The Mandalorian 

The Mandalorian is the Star Wars spin-off we have been waiting for! Set five years before Return of the Jedi, the show follows Din Djarin, a bounty hunter who ends up protecting a very meme-worthy Baby Yoda. An absolute must-watch for fans of the galaxy far, far away. 


Who is Baby Yoda?


It might not be Christmas, but we could all do with some cheer right now! Anna Kendrick stars as Santa's daughter, who wants to do something important about Christmas like her brother Nick, who is meant to be taking over from their father but is doing a holiday job. The synopsis reads: "When Nick is about to crumble like a gingerbread cookie from all the pressure, Noelle suggests he take a break and get away to clear his head...but then he doesn't return." 

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Anna Kendrick stars in this Christmas caper


Willem Dafoe stars in this adventure film about a dog-sled team who had to transport serum over 700 nearly through all the elements to save a town from an epidemic. While you might have seen Balto, the 90s animation based on the same story, this live-action version will leave you with your heart in your mouth!


Willem Dafoe stars 


The musical film, based on the popular 2000 novel, follows Leo, a teenager who falls in love with Stargirl, a unique and kind person who has a positive influence on everyone she meets. This is a sweet coming-of-age tale, so give it a try!


Will you be watching Stargirl?

Coming soon 

Since Disney owns Marvel, it's fair to say that they are making the most of it with their line-up of shows which are various spinoffs from the MCU, putting several secondary characters on centre stage for the first time. The shows, which will be released in late 2020 and early 2021, including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which will be based on Sam and Buckey, WandaVision which will follow Wanda and, you guessed it, Vision, Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Thor's mischievous brother in Loki, and Jeremy Renner will star in Hawkeye. Other Marvel shows in the works include She-Hulk and Ms Marvel. 

Not a fan of superheroes? There is also a Monster Inc. television series being made, Monsters at Work, as well as a brand new series of Lizzie McGuire. 

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