Storm Keating with husband

Storm Keating addresses reports she’s 'up the walls' as due date nears

Ronan Keating's wife reassured her followers that her family are doing well

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Storm Keating has addressed reports that she has been deeply stressed about the coronavirus pandemic while expecting her second baby with her husband, Ronan. Taking to Instagram to post a snap of Ronan with their young son, Cooper, she promised fans that the family were staying calm. 


Storm shared a snap of herself with Cooper 

In the lengthy post, she explained: "Calm. Just wanted to reassure all my family, friends and followers that despite the latest stories claiming I am 'up the walls' given we’re due any day now, and during this clouded and uncertain time... I am not. I am super calm, healthy, content and have been self isolating with my family, even before the government started advising pregnant women to. So please don’t worry. We are being diligent about our health and safety but keeping busy from home, going about our lives and business like normal." 

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The 38-year-old explained how the report stories have caused her family and friends to express concern, and that they were "not really helpful". She explained: "Now more than ever we all need to take a breath and look at the positives where we can... refocus our energy away from fear and panic and encourage those around us to be optimistic, considerate, and level headed. These stories with quotes from this unknown source, have left my phone inundated with text messages from concerned loved ones and although I completely understand it wasn’t intentional, it’s not really helpful. Plus it’s not true." 

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Storm concluded: "Ro and I are super excited about our pending arrival and feel very blessed to hopefully be meeting our little girl soon despite the situation. I won’t deny it’s a strange time, a little scary and certainly inconvenient, but none of that really matters... not in comparison to what other people are going through." 

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Her followers were quick to offer their support, with one writing: "Good to hear you are well, and staying safe. Take care and all the very best with your little girl's imminent arrival." Another added: "Sending love and best wishes to you, Ro and all the family." 

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