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Anthea Turner responds to 'Grandma' critics and opens up about decision to leave Celebrity SAS

The TV presenter decided to leave the show in episode two

anthea turner sas

Anthea Turner has responded to critics who did not like hearing host Ant Middleton calling her a grandma during her stint on reality show Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins. The TV presenter, who left the Channel 4 programme during Monday's episode, spoke to HELLO! about the backlash, and explained she understood the reason for his comment. While many took to Twitter to blast the host for "sexist" and "ageist" comments, Anthea, didn't see it this way. "With everything they do there's a reason," she explained. 

anthea sas who dares wins© Photo: Channel 4

TV presenter Anthea took part in Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins

"You have to just think 'I know what he's trying to do here'. And in the army I think there's a lot of banter that goes on […] And of course, that's what he was going to do. [It was] water off a duck's back. Under any other circumstances, you would definitely been firing a few well-chosen comments back. But no, it was definitely wash off a duck's back." On the outrage that ensued after Ant's comments, she joked: "Well, I think that's very kind of them," before adding: "But I absolutely don't hold it against him whatsoever. And I do completely understand why they do that."

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who dares wins anthea© Photo: Channel 4

Anthea spoke to HELLO! about her time on the show

On the contrary to finding offense in being called "Grandma", Anthea expressed that being called a grandma is a reason to celebrate. The former GMTV presenter has step-children of her own from her previous marriage to Grant Bovey, who has three daughters from his previous marriage. "Oh it will be lovely to be a grandma one of these days," she gushed, adding: "I actually now have got to the age where I have some of my friends who've had their children early on are now grandmas. So I'll be delighted when one of the girls produces a baby and I'm a real grandma!"

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She may not have lasted as long as some of her celebrity counterparts, but Anthea is adamant that her time on the show was still a success and explained it was her dedication to team work and team spirit that was the driving force behind her throwing in the towel. "It has been one of life's great adventures to take part in something like that. Everything they do is to make you a team because you can see that's the only way the Army works." She continued: "I remember when I stood there […] and, Ant said, 'Do you really want to let your team down?' And I think that was the trigger for me." She continued: "You just know that this is about teamwork and I would let them down because I would be last. My cardio would never be able to keep up with them from that fitness point of view. I think that it was the wisest thing to do […] and I knew I'd done well. So you think 'right, come on Turner, don't push your luck, go out on top.'" And that she did!

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