Myleene Klass reveals emotional story behind Kate Garraway’s son's birthday party 

Derek Draper is still critically ill in hospital after contracting COVID-19 

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Myleene Klass has opened up about being there for her good friend Kate Garraway - and why Kate's son Billy's birthday party has inspired her. 

The mum-of-three held a Q&A on Instagram Stories where she spoke about Kate, praising her bravery while her husband, Derek Draper, is in hospital after contracting COVID-19. 

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WATCH: Kate opens up about her son Billy's emotional birthday party

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After asking about Kate, Myleene wrote: "She's incredible. I don't know what it feels like to walk in her shoes, but I do know what it feels like to be a mum, alone and vulnerable, without all the answers.


"You need your friends and you need heaps of practical support. Keep cheering for her."

Speaking about celebrating Apollo's first birthday in August, the singer wrote: "Wasn't planning anything big as everything's so up in the air, I don't even know how many people I could have there... then after doing Kate's son's birthday, I've decided to go all out! Even if it's just for a handful of us!" 


Kate also spoke about celebrating Billy's 11th birthday on Good Morning Britain, saying: "He was completely overwhelmed. He was emotional too, of course, but I said we're going to do it all again when dad gets back."

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She previously spoke about how she was apprehensive to throw Billy a party, and how Myleene helped explaining: "I was super nervous about Bill's birthday this year - we usually have a family do with grandparents & a few of his friends but obviously this is not possible. So we are seeing grandparents separately but wanted to do something for him & his mates in the garden. 

"Derek is so brilliant at this, organising treasure hunts & boys own adventures so mentioned to @myleeneklass really didn't want to let Bill down & did she know anyone with a tent we could borrow in case it was wet. Little did I know what I was unleashing! She is in her element!"