Fans left confused by this detail in Netflix film Inheritance

Warning! Potential spoilers ahead...

Francesca Shillcock

Inheritance on Netflix has left some viewers feeling a little confused by its many twists and turns. The film, which landed on the streaming site earlier this month, tells the story of Archer Monroe, a wealthy politician who has recently passed away and whose estate is divided amongst his family. However, the division of the inheritance does not go smoothly.

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After his daughter, Lauren, discovers a mystery prisoner, Morgan, hiding a secret about her father – the story takes a shocking turn. But it's the changes in plot that has left fans wondering whose side to take while watching.


Lily Collins plays Lauren Monroe

One person took to twitter, voicing suspicious of Morgan's story: "She's been told she's been hood winked by the guy chained by his neck in a bunker for 30 years, #SurpriseSurprise she still hasn't been told any information though." A second person echoed this confusion, tweeting: "Why would you believe anything a guy who is chained in a bunker?"

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A third, however, was more on the fence, writing: "Watched it and I still am unsure who the bad guy is. This is one of the most manipulative psychological thriller films I've ever seen."

Many others have been enjoying the film, with one fan commenting: "Watching #Inheritance on #Netflix and I must say I am intrigued. It's been a while since a premise for a film has surprised me.


Simon Pegg as Morgan in the film

"Plus, I have no idea what's happening", as another wrote: "Watched #inheritance on netflix flipping good film @simonpegg wow what a performance, totally different character, brilliant."

Taking on the role of Lauren Monroe is the film is Lily Collins, also known for her current role in Netflix's Emily In Paris. Patrick Warburton plays the role of patriarch Archer, while Gossip Girl actor Chase Crawford plays Archer's son William and Gladiator star Connie Nielsen plays Archer widow, Catherine.

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