Nicole Kidman teases The Undoing season two - and we can't wait!

Season one kept viewers gripped with its major twists and turns 

Emmy Griffiths

Nicole Kidman has hinted that The Undoing might well return for the second season - and we can't wait to see more of Grace's story if so!

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Posting an album of behind-the-scenes snaps from the hugely popular series, she wrote: "I'm forever grateful for each and every member of our cast and crew of #TheUndoing. They poured their hearts and souls into our show and it showed throughout the entire season. Greatly looking forward to working with all of you again." 

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Although the series was billed as a limited series which was based on a book of the same name, The Undoing wouldn't be the first series to move beyond its source materials, as Big Little Lies returned for a second season following the events of the book. 


Did you enjoy the series? 

Fans were keen for a season two, with one writing: "#TheUndoing and #IndustryHBO are fantastic best shows I’ve seen for a long time. Well done HBO and BBC. Hoping for season 2 on both!" Another added: "I actually need a season 2 or Bonus episode. So many unanswered questions. #TheUndoing." 

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Season one concluded with (and spoilers alert ahead for those who still have to watch the finale) the discovery that Jonathan really was responsible for Elena's death all along, despite convincingly protesting his innocence. 

After he attempts to turn the blame onto his own son, Henry, Grace takes to the stand officially to provide a positive character witness for her husband but instead reveals that he has a narcissistic personality disorder and felt no remorse after causing the death of his sister, convincing the jury to convict him in order to protect Henry. 


It was revealed that Jonathan killed Elena 

So what would a second series hold? While Jonathan is now in prison, there are several unanswered questions including just who was the second woman he was having an affair with and what happened to the murder weapon which could have implicated Henry. Would you like to see a season two? We certainly would!

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