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Piers Morgan angered as he defends Captain Tom's trip to Barbados

Captain Tom has been trolled over travelling in December  

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Piers Morgan has spoken out in support of Captain Tom, who is currently in hospital with COVID-19, while slamming those who have criticised his trip to Barbados back in December. 

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Speaking on Tuesday's Good Morning Britain, he said: "If your first thought is to troll him and his family on Twitter because they took a perfectly legal trip to Barbados, a trip of a lifetime to give him a break. 

WATCH: Piers defended Captain Tom, who is currently in hospital

"He was offered a free trip and we have no idea if it had anything to do with his subsequent illness, we’re in February now, that was back in December, we don’t know that at all. But frankly, that’s a matter for the family. He did nothing wrong." 

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Captain Tom has raised millions for the NHS

The TV personality continued: "I see them turn on Captain Sir Tom Moore and I see them abusing him and mocking him. A man who served his country in World War II. A man who helped save this country from the Nazis, a man who, aged 99, raised £39million for the NHS, motivated all of us, inspired all of us, an ambassador for this country around the world. 

"For these disgusting vermin to be abusing and mocking him and his family on Twitter in such a moment when clearly there are very serious concerns about his life, I find it utterly contemptible. What have we become in this country when that is the gut reaction from so many people?" 

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Posting on Twitter, one person wrote: "Absolutely shocking, it breaks your heart, everything this man has achieved and done for his country over so many years, how could anybody in the right mind have a bad thing to say about Sir Captain Tom."

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We're wishing him a very speedy recovery 

Another added: "My heart goes out to Captain Tom and his family and I hope he gets well and is back home soon but I feel the same way about every single person and family who are fighting this awful virus."

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