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The Drowning star Jill Halfpenny reveals personal opinion on character Jodie 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Channel 5's hit thriller The Drowning will conclude on Thursday night, and will finally (hopefully!) give viewers answers about Daniel's real parentage. Ahead of the episode, Jill Halfpenny opened up about playing Jodie on the show, admitting that she "wouldn’t want to be her in a million years". 

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Chatting to Channel 5, she said: "I can only imagine that if your child went missing and you thought you saw that child again, there is nothing you wouldn’t do in order to get close to them or to get actual proof. I imagine losing a child has to be the most awful loss one could suffer, that seems very obvious to me."

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The star concluded: "She is living in her own madness as well as living amongst these influencing people around her too. That would be my idea of torture. I guess that is why Jodie drinks- to numb the pain of it all, to forget and to make life a little more bearable. Of course, it has its consequences. She is in an unenviable position; I wouldn’t want to be her in a million years."

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Jill plays Jodie on the hit Channel 5 show

Are you ready for answers in the season finale? The official synopsis reads: "With the confusion around Daniel’s identity increasing every second, secrets start to unearth, and it seems someone close will stop at nothing to protect themselves and stop Jodie’s hunt for the truth from taking them down. 

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"The truth behind Tom’s disappearance starts to come to light and Jodie has to face what happened all those years ago head-on, at the scene where it all took place." 

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Will Daniel's parentage be confirmed in the finale?

Some fans already have a theory that the DNA test which proved that Daniel is Jodie's son was switched by Jodie's brother Jason, who then lied about the results. One person wrote: "Wait a minute... I got all excited when they said the percentage match to Jodie compared to Mark but... Who was Jodie's brother on the phone to? Someone in the DNA lab perhaps? Tweaking the results? This gets more & more complex! Great thriller... loving it!" 

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