Johnny Vegas: meet the comedian's family

Johnny is set to star in Cooking With the Stars

Johnny Vegas is set to star in Cooking With the Stars, but how much do you know about the funny man away from the cameras? Find out more... 

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Is Johnny Vegas married? 

Johnny has been married twice. He tied the knot back in 2002 to Kitty Donnelly, and separated in December 2006. He then wed TV presenter and producer Maia Dunphy in 2011. The pair originally split in 2017 before reconciling, but separated for good in April 2020. 

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Speaking about their split, Maia told The Mirror in early 2020: "Johnny and I are not together now. It’s difficult and heartbreaking and a source of daily sadness for me. It’s something I am deliberately nebulous about because I don’t want it to define Tom [the couple’s son] or me, and I don’t want to talk publicly about it.

"Like many people in the same situation, I’m just doing my best to get on with life under painful circumstances." 

Johnny with his ex-wife, Maia

Speaking to the Sunday Independent’s Living magazine, she added: "People want to know if we’re together or not. We’re not, so it’s probably time to say so. I completely understand why people are so interested in Johnny. Once we were together, I was offered reality shows and daytime TV slots in the UK – the kind of breaks people in my line of work might dream of – but they weren’t the breaks I wanted. I had no interest in suddenly being Mrs Vegas, I worked too hard for that." 

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Does Johnny Vegas have children? 

Johnny shares 18-year-old son Michael Pennington Jr with Kitty, and Tom, six, with Maia. Chatting about why Michael wasn't on Celebrity Gogglebox with him back in 2016, Johnny told GMB: "He’s a 16-year-old in lockdown, he’s wired in, he’s got the headphones in. He’s actually quite shy and I think he’s at that self-conscious stage, which is a shame. Bev’s a bit more vocal and obviously, we’ve known each other for ages." 

Johnny with his son, Michael

Tom lives with Maia in Dublin, who regularly shares adorable snaps and clips of him on Instagram. In a recent post, Tom was playing with LEGO with classical music playing in the background, and Maia wrote: "I put on some music and Tom said it was too loud and could he have some of his 'quiet music'. Put on Lyric and now he’s happy. It’s like living with a happier Inspector Morse." 

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