Love Island star Teddy Soares used to be royalty - details 

He was the king of our hearts anyway!

Love Island contestant Teddy Soares shocked viewers and his fellow islanders alike on Unseen Bits after revealing that he was once technically a prince! And you know what, we’re not surprised!

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The dashing bachelor was chatting about his heritage when he revealed that he was a prince of Nigeria's Delta State before his grandfather passed away. He said: “I’m going to say something so shocking, I’m actually a prince of one of them.” 

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WATCH: Teddy reveals he is technically a prince!

He continued: “It’s a village, it’s within the Delta State village, so my grandad has passed away, so I was a prince, I’m no longer a prince.” 

Chatting about the revelation, Faye joked: “Teddy was a prince, are you joking?! I definitely have to stop with the burping and lay off the swearing so much, but I think I’ve got this you know!” She then did a royal wave to the camera, before joking to the other islanders that she needed to fetch her tiara. 

Faye and Teddy are back together!

Fans were similarly delighted by the news, with one tweeting: “This beauty was a prince too?? This man is really the full package,” while another added: “TEDDY IS A NIGERIAN PRINCE FAYE PATTERN UP.” A third tweeted a snap of Faye and Teddy, writing: “Our chilled Prince and his argumentative Princess! Dream Duo.” 

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Viewers were thrilled on Sunday night after Faye and Teddy reconciled after a misunderstanding led Faye to recouple with someone else while Teddy was in Casa Amor after she believed that Teddy was also doing the same thing. The pair apologised to one another before kissing, leading to viewers sharing their delight on social media. 

Teddy opened up about his family

One person wrote: “Teddy and Faye to win, this is a true love story,” while another posted: “Teddy has sauce you know. I'm actually even stressed by the way he was looking at Faye. Me too I would have been flustered.” A third person added: “Faye and Teddy rekindling things has single handily saved this whole week #LoveIsland.” 

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