Angela Black: viewers are saying the same thing after third episode

Are you enjoying ITV’s new thriller?

ITV’s gripping new psychological thriller Angela Black has certainly had viewers talking, and fans are filled with questions following the show’s third instalment.

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Fans are taking to Twitter to comment on the shocking twists revealed in the latest episode. One viewer wrote: "I’m feeling really tense watching Angela Black. There has to be another twist #AngelaBlack," while another added: "My head's in a spin after watching #AngelaBlack. Is Angela being set up by Olivier and Ed? Is Ed even real? Are the viewers seeing things as well? Is any of it actually happening?"

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A third viewer tweeted: "Well that took a turn... is it not Sunday yet??? I'm pretty sure this was all the husband’s plan still! Heads battered! Is Ed real!!??? So many questions," while another speculated: "How good is the #AngelaBlack drama? Does she have a mental illness? No, I don't think so. Is Ed real? Not so sure about that. Bring on next week's episode I need answers."

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Many fans are also taking to Twitter to praise Joanne Froggatt’s performance in the drama. One person wrote: "Just watched the latest episode of #AngelaBlack and my heart was in my mouth... @JoFroggatt is such a great actress, every role I've seen her play, I've loved," while another added: "Joanne Froggatt is an incredible actress."

Fans are praising Joanne's performance in the thrilling drama

While most fans were commenting on the thrilling turns in Sunday night’s episode, some took issue with the drama - and the reason is quite amusing! Fans of the show took to Twitter to question Angela’s choice of nightwear. One viewer wrote: "My main issues with #AngelaBlack are predominantly very petty. Why does she wear that pointless thin dressing gown? Why do no women on TV have normal PJ’s?" Another pondered: "Doesn’t she ever just want to put on cosy jammies and a crusty old towelling dressing gown?"

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