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Showtrial: BBC gripping drama's ending explained

Warning, spoilers ahead for Showtrial's season finale

showtrial talitha
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Showtrial is the BBC drama that has become something of a sleeper hit with fans, with viewers full of praise for the plot, characters, and the constant guessing game; did Talitha have something to do with Hannah's death? But did the show even answer the question? Here's our explanation of the drama's ending…

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The two characters accused of Hannah's murder – Talitha and Dhillon – have very different stories. While Dhillon admits that he helped to dispose of Hannah's body, he claimed that it was Talitha who accidentally strangled Hannah to death, and that he failed to notice until it was too late, then helped to hide her body while in a state of shock. Meanwhile, Talitha insists that she was never there at all that night, and that Dhillon acted alone. So what was the truth?

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In the finale, the jury find Dhillon guilty and Talitha not guilty, leading Dhillon sentenced to spending a life sentence behind bars, while Talitha is free to go. In the final few minutes of the episode, Talitha visits her solicitor, Cleo, at her office. Smiling, she says: "We did it, Cleo. We so totally fooled them. Your face. I thought it didn't matter, I thought it was all about process."

tally cleo

So did Talitha actually do it?

However, she then bursts out laughing, saying: "Gotcha!" But as she leaves, Cleo looks out at her window at Talitha, clearly doubting whether Talitha really was responsible for Hannah's death.

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As such, the show leaves this question somewhat open ended. While Talitha convinced the jury that she had nothing to do with Hannah's death, she was equally convincing when telling Cleo that she got away with it, leaving the conclusion deliberately ambiguous.

tally dhillon

Dhillon's version of events is the only one depicted on screen

The show may have also hinted that Dhillon's version of the night's events was also the truthful one as it showed a flashback to his story, in which both he and Talitha go to Hannah's house to make amends, with an amused Hannah allowing them in for more drinks. Meanwhile, Talitha's version – that she and Dhillon went home, chatted, and she fell asleep, was never depicted on screen. 

showtrial 7

Did Dhillon really murder Hannah?

So what do you think? Viewers have had mixed responses to the ending, with one person writing: "We just finished watching #SHOWTRIAL. While I thoroughly enjoyed it, I hate that the ending is open to the viewers' interpretation. I’m the same with books; tell me what happened. Don’t expect me to write the end. I find it annoying & lazy. Does anyone else ever feel like that?"

tally ending

What did you think of the ending?

Another person tweeted: "What a brilliant cast. Absolutely gripping stuff, being tugged one way then the other. The ending though! Was I supposed to be thinking hmm??? But that was the beauty of it."

A third person added: "Just finished #SHOWTRIAL and god Dillon was telling the truth all along wasn't he???! The ending should have been Cleo looking out the window and seeing Talitha putting on that green scarf that she 'lost'."

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