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Slow Horses season 3: viewers saying the same thing as TV’s most underrated show returns

Jack Lowden as River in Slow Horses season 3
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Slow Horses is back, and if you haven’t watched it yet, then you are most certainly missing out. 

Starring Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb, the misanthropic - and somewhat gross - leader of a group of misfit MI5 agents nicknamed the 'slow horses', the critically acclaimed show has been a huge hit for Apple TV+. But what have fans been saying about the new two episodes of season 3? 

WATCH: Gary Oldman is back with the Slow Horses for season 3

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan shared a gif of Jack Lowden, who plays River Cartwright, writing: "Our great River Cartwright. Season 3 looks absolutely promising, can they release all the episodes at once please." 

Another person added: "If you haven't seen #SlowHorses you're missing one of the greatest British spy thingies since when Spooks was crushing it," while a third person wrote: "Our previously TV-free household (laptop plenty big enough) now has a massive screen in the living room. Not for nature docs & feature films but the better to facilitate our joyful immersion in the grey-brown world of Slough House." 

Gary Oldman is back as Jackson Lamb
Gary Oldman is back as Jackson Lamb

Need more convincing? Another fan added: Did the first two new #SlowHorses last night. Better than ever. Just really brilliant TV. I only wish it were on a Sunday at 9 pm on BBC One cos there's nothing as good right now." 

So what can we expect from season three? The new synopsis reads: "This darkly funny espionage drama follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve in a dumping ground department of MI5 due to their career-ending mistakes. Led by their brilliant but irascible leader, the notorious Jackson Lamb, they navigate the espionage world’s smoke and mirrors to defend England from sinister forces.

HELLO!'s favourite Apple TV+ shows

Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott© Apple TV+
Brie Larson stars as Elizabeth Zott in Lessons in Chemistry
  • Bad Sisters - A dark comedy that follows four sisters who set out to free a fifth from an abusive husband. 
  • Hijack - Idris Elba leads the cast as Sam Nelson, a courageous hostage onboard a hijacked commercial plane on a seven-hour flight from Dubai to London.
  • Slow Horses - Star-studded spy thriller that follows a group of misfit intelligence agents who have been banished to the dumping ground department of MI5 after making career-ending mistakes. 
Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb in Slow Horses
Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb in Slow Horses
  • Lessons in Chemistry - Brie Larson stars in this adaptation of Bonnie Garmus's bestselling novel. It follows chemistry genius Elizabeth Zott, whose dreams of becoming a scientist are stunted by 1950s sexism. 
  • The Buccaneers - A frothy period drama that sees five young, rich American girls journey from New York to 1870s London, where they enter High Society in a bid to bag themselves an aristocrat.
Did you spot Mia in The Buccaneers?
Mia Threapleton in The Buccaneers
  • Ted Lasso - Jason Sudeikis plays a hapless American coach who comes to the UK to manage struggling football team, AFC Richmond. 
  • The Morning Show - Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in the drama, which examines the culture behind a network news show. After her co-star is accused of sexual misconduct, anchor Alex Levy is handed the reins to The Morning Show. 
  • Silo - A dystopian murder mystery thriller in which the last of humanity live underground in a giant silo and are forced to follow strict rules they believe are in place to protect them. 
Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show© Apple TV+
Reese Witherspoon in The Morning Show

"In season three, a romantic liaison in Istanbul threatens to expose a buried MI5 secret in London. When Jackson Lamb and his team of misfits are dragged into the fight, they find themselves caught in a conspiracy that threatens the future not just of Slough House but of MI5 itself." The next episode will be released on Wednesday 6 December, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the slow horses next. 

Are you excited for episode 3 of Slow Horses?
Are you excited for episode 3 of Slow Horses?

Screenwriter Will Smith opened up about the show to The Telegraph, while giving an insight into Jackson Lamb’s character. He said: "I still find it amazing that our way of introducing Oscar-winning Gary Oldman to the audience was to have him wake himself up with a fart.

"Lamb uses it as a sign of disrespect, and to throw people off balance. It’s a tool. It’s a tactic. It’s not actually as gratuitous as it seems. There are actually only one or two a season, I think they punch above their weight, those farts."