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BBC reveals first look at The Traitors series 2 and reveals release date - and it's so close!

Claudia Winkleman will be back to host the popular series

Claudia Winkleman in tweed jacket with two figures in green robes and hoods
Matthew Moore
Matthew MooreOnline News Writer & Diversity and Inclusion Lead
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If you're anything like us, then you were absolutely obsessed with The Traitors when it first aired in November 2022, and after a year of waiting we now know when the second series will be hitting our screens.

The BBC have now confirmed that the series will begin airing on 3 January 2024, with the show's second and third episodes appearing on the iPlayer following the broadcast of the first episode. New episodes of the series will then be released every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until the show concludes.

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Alongside the news, a new image was released which features host Claudia Winkleman standing with two hooded traitors in the background while fire burns around them and three crows fly around.

The series has proven to be so popular since it aired on the BBC that the United States, Australia and Canada have all aired their own versions of the show, with celebrity contestants often popping up including Drag Race Canada star Miss Fiercalicious and Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.

Claudia Winkleman in tweed jacket with two figures in green robes and hoods© BBC
The BBC have shared the first look at the upcoming series

In the UK, the first series was won by Aaron Evans, Hannah Byczkowski and Meryl Williams after the trio successfully eliminated all of the traitors after banishing Wilf Webster in a nail-biting final.

Speaking to HELLO! after his elimination, Wilf said: "Watching it back, I don't regret anything. Everyone says, 'But you didn't win,' but for me, I don't really regret anything. I went in to play a game and in my mind so if I didn't stick to what I went in there for, I would regret it. I would have been like, 'Oh my god, I didn't say what I wanted to say, and I messed up and now I'm out.' I just had to speak to my game plan and what I wanted to achieve.

Claudia Winkleman in tweed jakcet stood in front of round wooden table© Mark Mainz
The series will begin airing on 3 January 2024

"Even though I didn't win, I think not winning was better for me for two reasons. I think one, it's better the faithfuls won for the public. I don't think I would have been able to live with the guilt and build the relationship that I actually have with Hannah, Meryl and Aaron. We're so close and I think that would have probably ruined our friendship."

He added: "At that point, friendship was so much more important to me at that point. The money is great, don't get me wrong, but I'm so determined to be successful in whatever I do - I have a five-year, ten-year, and one-year plan, and this would shorten it for me, but I know I'll still achieve what I want to achieve - but I also want these people to be a part of my life. We're so close, it's mad."

Paul is in the blue jacket (L)© Nigel Wright
The series has been exported around the globe

Sharing his advice for future traitors, Wilf explained: "One, get noticed early on and fight through that and then people will leave you alone. So I fought against Alyssa, and after that, no one voted for me again. If you can fight your corner and prove you’re faithful, then cool.

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"Number two is to build a relationship with the traitors outside of the concave because the worst thing I did is not build a real relationship with Alyssa and Amanda, and it made it so hard to trust them."

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