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The Apprentice 2024 line-up: Meet the 18 candidates here

Who has what it takes to become Lord Alan Sugar's next business partner?

The Apprentice series 18 cast
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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The Apprentice is back for its 18th series, which means 18 new candidates will be heading to Lord Alan Sugar's headquarters in the hopes of becoming the entrepreneur's next business partner. 

The new recruits will battle it out in a series of tasks and challenges for a chance to bag Lord Sugar's £250,000 investment and mentorship. But who thinks they've got what it takes to win the top prize? Meet the candidates below…

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The Apprentice series 18, Amina© Ray Burmiston

Amina Khan

Pharmacist and Business Owner Amina runs a successful skincare and supplements business and has her sights set on "dominating the market overnight" with the help of Lord Sugar. 

Noting that her biggest business success is making her first turnover of £1 million within two years of launching her brand, Ilford-based Amina added: "I achieved all this with no investment, no business background, no social media following and only in-house marketing. To think, I couldn't even afford a cheeky Nando's three years ago!"

The Apprentice series 18, Asif© Ray Burmiston

Dr. Asif Munaf

Dr. Asif is a wellness brand owner from Sheffield, who describes himself as "beauty, brains, body and business" on his CV.

Asif launched his business whilst working 12-hour shifts as a doctor during the coronavirus pandemic, which he says is his biggest business success to date. 

On why he deserves the investment, Asif said: "With my range of vitamins and supplements, I would make sure he is fit, sharp and firing for at least another 20 series!"

The Apprentice series 18, Flo© Ray Burmiston

Flo Edwards

Recruitment Consultant Flo, who's based in London, has a great performance history since launching her own business.

While Flo admitted she doesn't deserve Lord Sugar's investment more than her other candidates, she has "a great business" and proven track record of generating revenue. "Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the core of the business," she said, adding: "With Lord Sugar's experience with scaling recruitment businesses we can expedite this positive impact (alongside profits!)."

The Apprentice series 18, Foluso© Ray Burmiston

Foluso Falade

Project Manager Foluso wants to help young people get a head start in business and plans to run the first Social Enterprise to win Lord Sugar’s investment.

A self-proclaimed 'Mary Poppins of business', the Manchester-based contestant says her biggest success to date is choosing to start a business aimed at helping young people.

On why she deserves the investment, Foluso said: "I am a one-of-a-kind type of person, an investment in one that guarantees profit. With my people-focused attitude, I plan on building an empire in an ethical way, whilst raising up inspiring people along the way."

The Apprentice series, Jack© Ray Burmiston

Jack Davies

Aspirational recruitment director and food reviewer Jack's biggest success to date is achieving five promotions in seven years. The Bristol-based candidate says he's ready to prove he's got the work ethic and drive to succeed. 

The Apprentice series 18, Maura© Ray Burmiston

Maura Rath

Maura's yoga company is rooted in the promotion of her clients' well-being and she's hoping to scale up with the help of Lord Sugar's investment.

On why she deserves the investment, Maura said: "I believe I deserve Lord Sugar's investment because my business promotes positivity and well-being, in a profitable and scalable way, with five income streams."

The Apprentice series 18, Noor© Ray Burmiston

Noor Bouziane

Noor is a jewellery company owner based in Liverpool, who started her business at the age of 20. 

"My business is worthy of the investment because I will be able to generate a lot of money for Lord Sugar compared to other candidates," she said. "My brand is something new and it offers the best accessories around."

The Apprentice series 18, Ollie© Ray Burmiston

Oliver Medforth

Sales executive Oliver's background in selling at markets has him believing he has what it takes to succeed in the famous sales tasks.

The "hard working and determined" candidate oversees five retail shops for his family-run distillery across the UK and has launched a soft drink that pairs "perfectly" with their range of gins. 

The Apprentice series 18, Onyeka© Ray Burmiston

Onyeka Nweze

London-based chartered company secretary Onyeka says her biggest success is building her "great corporate career". 

"If Lord Sugar is ready to make some serious money, then he needs me. He's never invested in a tech business, now is the time," she said. 

The Apprentice series 18, Paul B© Ray Burmiston

Paul Bowen

Paul is one of two pie company experts entering the process and prides his business on big name clients such as Manchester City Football Club.

The Lancashire-based businessman is seeking "investment of Lord Sugar's time and knowledge".

"I have great ideas and great business acumen, along with a work hard attitude. My organisation and planning is my weakness. But with Lord Sugar’s strategy and my passion and ideas, I could make him Lord of the Pies," he said. 

The Apprentice series 18, Paul M© Ray Burmiston

Dr. Paul Midha

Dental group owner Paul started his practice using every resource he had, leaving just £100 in his account. Over 15 months, his practice's valuation soared to a whopping £900,000.

Paul aims to revolutionise the healthcare attire market. "When executed adeptly, this approach has the potential to secure a substantial market share. I am ready for the extensive learning ahead, understanding that I have much to gain and a long yet rewarding journey ahead," he said. 

The Apprentice series 18, Phil© Ray Burmiston

Phil Turner

Phil's family-owned pie business dates back to the 1930s. After buying his parents' small bakery at the tender age of 21, Phil has built it into a "seven-figure profitable business".

"I deserve Lord Sugar's investment because I already have a track record of successfully building and scaling a business," he said. "I have learnt how to run a business the hard way, and now I feel like it’s time to take my business to the next level.

The Apprentice series, Rachael© Ray Burmiston

Rachel Woolford

Boutique fitness studio owner Rachel opened her business in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, and created "a strong community of clients who loved the service we provided, despite all the restrictions and limitations in place".

When asked why she deserves the investment, Rachel said: "Anyone in business must work hard, but I work harder!"

The Apprentice series 18, Raj© Ray Burmiston

Raj Chohan

Mortgage Broker Raj is a self-confessed "dog with a bone" when it comes to meeting her targets.

Raj, who is based in Leamington Spa, says her biggest success to date is being awarded Mortgage Broker of the year in September 2023 and also Silver Award winner of Best Businesswoman in Finance.

The Apprentice series 18, Sam© Ray Burmiston

Sam Saadet

Sam is a pre and post natal fitness coach from Essex. Known to her friends as "part-wheeler dealer" Sam has an eye for a bargain and says her biggest success is "launching my pre and post-natal fitness app whilst looking after two young children.

"I deserve Lord Sugar's investment because I am one of the savviest, go-getting women I know!" she said. "This business is all focused on something I am very passionate about whilst also making money too - it's a win win."

The Apprentice series, Steve© Ray Burmiston

Steve Darken

London-based management consultant Steve is a "dedicated business and tech leader who smashes every goal and challenge set". 

"I know Lord Sugar would be an incredible mentor, and we would work very well together – our differences are complementary, and our partnership would be guaranteed to turn any venture into a multi-million-pound success," he said. 

The Apprentice series 18, Tre© Ray Burmiston

Tre Lowe

Music and wellness entrepreneur Tre is perhaps best recognised as one-half of UK garage band Architechs.

Tre decided to create a Personal Training & well-being business after being forced to give up DJing due to severe tinnitus.

"I know that I am different from most people that have been on the show, being slightly older, from a creative background and with internationally successful music. I believe the future of entrepreneurism will be about the personal stories, challenges, and triumphs of the founders," he said. 

The Apprentice series, Virdi© Ray Burmiston

Virdi Singh Mazaria

DJ Virdi wants to use his background as both an auditor and a producer to introduce Lord Sugar to a lucrative industry.

"I bring more than just entrepreneurship to the table," he said. "I am a creator of unmatched experiences, a performer, my ambition is relentless setting me apart in the fast-paced world of business. With Lord Sugar as my business partner, I am ready to step into a realm of remarkable success."

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