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Today Show's Dylan Dreyer's husband let's slip what really happens behind the scenes at work

It's never boring on the NBC daytime show!

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Hanna Fillingham
US Managing Editor
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Dylan Dreyer's family are big fans of her work on the Today Show, and her son Calvin even makes regular appearances on there with his own cooking segment, Cooking with Cal. 

What's more, the seven-year-old has already discovered just what happens backstage on a live show, with his dad, Brian Fichera - a cameraman for NBC, giving him a backstage tour of Nightly News.

Brian even let slip on the hilarious antics behind-the-scenes in a tongue-in-cheek Instagram post uploaded this week. 

Dylan Dreyer's husband shared a glimpse into what happens backstage at work
Dylan Dreyer's husband shared a glimpse into what happens backstage at work

The dad-of-three shared an image of himself filming in the studios as his son looked on. "Throw back to the time I made the mistake of letting cal listen to what is really being said over headsets. #gocalgo," he wrote in the caption. 

Today Show Dylan Dreyer with her co-stars © NBC
Today Show Dylan Dreyer with her co-stars

Dylan's children have all grown up watching their mom on TV, with the star having worked on it for over a decade. 

The pair tied the knot in 2012 and have been blissfully happy ever since, managing to balance their busy jobs with NBC while looking after their three young sons. 

Photo shared by Dylan Dreyer on Instagram September 30, 2023 of her with her husband and their three sons Calvin, Oliver and Russell taking a selfie while celebrating Russell's second birthday.© Instagram
Dylan and husband Brian Fichera with their three sons

Dylan opened up about the way in which they keep their relationship alive during an interview with "Golf is the thing we do together. We have a couple of drinks, we laugh. We remember why we fell in love. Then we go home and it's right back to family," she said. 

The couple also always make sure to stay in touch during the day, despite their busy schedules. "Our schedules mean we don’t see each other much, but we text all the time,” Dylan said. 

Dylan Dreyer and her son Calvin baking© Getty
Dylan Dreyer and her son Calvin, who has grown up on Today

"Sometimes it’s even easier to have an important or deep conversation via text because we get all our thoughts out without being interrupted. "We don't find it impersonal. In fact, just the opposite.

We know each other well enough to understand each other's tone so a lot gets accomplished through texting!"

Dylan and Brian share children Calvin, seven, Oliver, three, and one-year-old Rusty. While promoting her children's book Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine, Dylan spoke to HELLO! about her kids and whether she wants to add to her brood. "I think I've maxed out now," she said with a chuckle before admitting: "I wish I had started having kids sooner, because I really love everything about kids. "I never thought I would love it as much as I do. Being a mom is the best. I love fostering their ideas, I also somehow found more patience after becoming a mom." 

Dylan Dreyer looked stylish in a white dress as she posed on the beach with husband Brian
Dylan and Brian are doting parents

Although she and Brian weren't always convinced that a family with children was in their future. "We didn't think we wanted kids at all," she said. 

"We were living in New York City, traveling whenever we wanted to, doing whatever we wanted, and then suddenly it sort of came to us both. We were like 'let's have kids'. Both of us obviously love it." 

The number three also holds a special place in Dylan and Brian's hearts as she explained: "When we decided to have children, I used to always want three. I grew up with two brothers, my husband is one of three. Three just feels right for us now."

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