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The Rookie fans make same prediction after 'insane' scene in 100th episode

The show celebrated its landmark episode with Bailey and Nolan's wedding

Tim (played by Eric Winter) and Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) in The Rookie
Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
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The Rookie fans are making the same prediction about two of the show's beloved characters, Tim (played by Eric Winter) and Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) following an "insane" scene in the 100th episode, which aired on Tuesday night. 

When Bailey's wedding ring was stolen with just hours to go before her and Nolan's big day, Lucy and Tim were on the case. While Tim took a beating to get it back, they eventually found the ring after it had been pawned to a man named 'The Hammer'. 

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Fans were quick to react to the moment that Tim located the ring, which was placed in a box on a low-standing coffee table. After getting on his knees to search the table, Tim grabbed the ring, swiveled on one knee towards Lucy, opened the box and offered her the ring. 

Taking to social media, viewers couldn't help but comment on the less-than-subtle foreshadowing of the pair's future. 

JENNA DEWAN and NATHAN FILLION in The Rookie© Disney/Raymond Liu
Bailey and Nolan tied the knot in The Rookie's 100th episode

One person penned: "THIS SCENE?!? The foreshadowing, the eye contact, the tension… I LOVED it!" while another added: "Is it still called 'foreshadowing' when they're basically throwing the 'a chenford proposal is coming'-memo in our faces?"

A third viewer wrote: "The foreshadowing is insane with this one," while another added: "WHAT WAS THAT LOOK BETWEEN #chenford when Tim went down on his knee to give her the ring?!! Foreshadowing?!!!!"

Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen smiling at each other© Getty
Fans are convinced a 'Chenford' engagement is on the cards

This wasn't the only 'Chenford' moment that sparked a reaction from fans, however. Elsewhere in the episode, Tim set out to make his feelings clear to Lucy after she accused him of undermining her detective skills in the lead-up to her exams in last week's episode.

After seeking advice from the boys, Tim invited her to the Interrogation Room at the station, where he'd hooked himself up to a polygraph. 

"I am go to prove to you that I'm rooting for you," he told her.

Tim (played by Eric Winter) and Lucy (Melissa O'Neil) in The Rookie© Disney/Raymond Liu
Eric Winter and Melissa O'Neil play Tim and Lucy

While Lucy began with playful questions, she then asked if Tim loved her, to which he replied: "Yes. I love you."

Then, Lucy asked "the big one". "Do you want me to be an undercover detective?" 

While Tim answered yes, the lie detector stated otherwise. "I guess we really do have a problem," he said. 

Eric Winter and Melissa O'Neill as Tim and Lucy in The Rookie© Getty
Fans love the relationship between Tim and Lucy

Later on, at Nolan and Bailey's wedding, Tim admitted that he was still haunted by what happened with his ex-wife and told Lucy: "Your dream should have nothing to do with my issues."

"We're going to get through this," Lucy reassured him, adding: "I love you."

Fans were overjoyed with the progression of the couple's relationship. "Tim and Lucy will make it through anything and everything TOGETHER!" wrote one fan.

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