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Garden Rescue star Charlie Dimmock's life and career in photos

The gardening expert began her career on Ground Force in the 1990s

Nicky Morris
TV and film writer
May 3, 2024
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Charlie Dimmock regularly shares her gardening expertise on the BBC's beloved reality show Garden Rescue, which recently returned with a new series. The green-fingered presenter appears alongside fellow design gurus to create dream gardens across the nation – and we love seeing the gardeners go head to head in each episode. 

We know we're in safe hands with Charlie, as she's been sharing her gardening hints and tips for almost three decades. The 57-year-old made her name presenting the BBC's popular gardening programme Ground Force back in 1997, starring alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh. 

Here, we've taken a look back at her early days in TV. Keep reading to explore Charlie's life and career…

charlie dimmock warning© Photo: Rex

Charlie Dimmock's early TV career and Ground Force days

After finishing her horticulture studies, Charlie joined Romsey Garden Centre, which is where she met Ground Force producer John Thornicroft.

Five years later, Charlie landed her gig on Ground Force alongside Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh. 

Charlie Dimmock© Murray Sanders/Daily Mail/Shutterstock

Rise to fame and heartthrob status

Charlie quickly gained popularity among viewers and became somewhat of a heartthrob on the show, although later admitted that her newfound fame came as a surprise. 

Speaking in 2014, the presenter said: "It was all very silly. I remember Esther Rantzen said to me, 'You'll be referred to as the bra-less one for the rest of your life.'" 

She added: "People still comment on it to me. Some of them are male fans, some of them are female."

Charlie Dimmock, Alan Titchmarsh and Tommy Walsh© Tony Sapiano/Shutterstock

Forming on-screen friendships

Charlie, Alan and Tommy formed a close friendship during their time on the show. 

Speaking to Warrington Guardian back in 2016, Charlie detailed their bond. 

"When we first started filming we were polite to each other for the first two series but by the third series we were like family." 

She continued: "My main memory of Ground Force was laughing lots. It was the same team week in, week out, as well as the same production and crew. You know what it's like when you work with a team of people and you get on."

charlie dimmock past love© Photo: Getty Images

Charlie's Ground Force romance

Charlie was previously in a relationship with viticulturist John Mushet, whom she met in the early nineties during her travels in New Zealand. The couple parted ways after the gardener's brief relationship with Ground Force microphone operator Andy Simmons in 2001. 

Addressing her romance with Andy in 2002, Charlie said: "I don't see Andy anymore, but I don't regret what happened. You wouldn't do anything if you kept worrying about what might go wrong."

"John and I had been together for a long time so when we split up I relied heavily on family and close friends," she told Daily Mail. "I've discovered that the most difficult after-effect of the break-up is getting into another relationship."

charlie dimmock 2014© Eamonn M. McCormack

11-year hiatus

Before landing her role on Garden Rescue, Charlie took an 11-year break from TV. 

Ahead of her return to screens in 2016, the gardener addressed the reason behind her hiatus. "People think that if you're suddenly not on telly, you've stopped working," she told

"That doesn't happen, because we all have mortgages to pay," she added.

"I had been on TV a very long time [1997 to 2005], but I had always been doing other things. Ground Force ran its course. It was of its time. It was good fun, very enjoyable, and it had its run," the flame-haired star continued. "I've been busy. At the end of the day I do have a real job. I'm a gardener. I do garden design."

The gardening expert also revealed that during her time away from our screens, she worked with dementia homes and at flower shows, as well as working on cruises and giving demonstrations. 

Charlie Dimmock and The Rich Brothers

Garden Rescue gig

In 2016, Charlie began presenting the BBC's new gardening show Garden Rescue, alongside Harry and David Rich, aka 'The Rich Brothers'. 

The trio had a great time filming together before the Rich Brothers' departure in 2021. 

Speaking about her friendship with her co-stars, Charlie previously told The Express: "I feel there's some happiness and fun in [Garden Rescue] as well. We all tease each other terribly and there’s always fun on and off camera. We do have fun."

WATCH: Charlie used to present the show with the Rich Brothers

Chris Hull, Flo Headlam, Charlie Dimmock, Lee Burkhill for Garden Rescue© Spun Gold TV,BBC

Where Charlie is now

Charlie continues to front the programme alongside garden designers Lee Burkhill, Flo Headlam, and Chris Hull

For those unfamiliar with the format, the presenters compete against each other to transform lacklustre gardens across the UK. 

Charlie Dimmock smiling in garden © Will Dax/Solent News/Shutterstock

Charlie's love life

Charlie likes to keep her romantic life out of the spotlight, so little is known about her relationship status. 

She has, however, ruled out marriage. "I'm too old now, certainly too old for marriage, there's no point," she told the Daily Mail in 2014. 

"I do think I'm too old now. I can't see anything happening when it comes to romance; somebody would have to really bowl me over. I am quite content without a man in my life."

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