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Love Island 2024: new contestants, start date, where to watch and more

Are you ready to meet the 2024 contestants?

Love Island 2024 contestants
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
Updated: June 3, 2024
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Love Island’s summer edition will be back on our screens for us all to get obsessed with very soon - and ITV has finally announced the line-up of gorgeous singletons who we will be rooting for in the Mallorcan villa this year. From suspected bad boys to the newest girl’s girls to grace the villa, meet the new islanders here… 

When does it start? 

Love Island kicks things off on Monday 3 June at 9pm, then will be on every weekday and on Sunday nights. As for how you fill your Saturday, you could watch the Unseen Bits - or find something else to do with your time! 

How to watch

Fans of the hit show can watch it on ITV in real-time, or head to ITVX to stream it afterwards. A tip for keen fans of the show is to try an ITVX subscription. It's £5.99 a month but will ditch all of the advertisements. 

Meet the contestants

Samantha Kenny © Ian Hippolyte

Samantha Kenny, 26

Samantha hails from Liverpool and works as a makeup artist. So why is she joining Love Island? “I’m ready to settle down and Love Island is an amazing opportunity to meet someone that isn’t from my area. I love a cockney boy so I’m hoping there is one in there for me.” We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you, Samantha!

Munveer Jabbal
© Ian Hippolyte

Munveer Jabbal, 30

Surrey-based recruitment manager Munveer says he is pals with Spencer Matthews, is picky and has high standards. Is he set to be the villa’s resident bad boy? Speaking about finding the one, he said: “I haven’t found the right girl, I’m quite picky and have high standards. Dating in London is horrible. You don’t know who’s single… but now you’re putting me in a place where everyone’s single so there’s no issues around that.” 

Patsy Field© Ian Hippolyte

Patsy Field, 29

Based in Orpington, office administrator Patsy opened up about what she would want her fellow islanders to know, explaining: “I’ve got something very special about me which is my disability, it’s a condition I was born with called Ebs Palsy. It doesn't define who I am, but it makes me a little different, although I’ve learnt to get on with it and it’s never held me back.” 

Ciaran Davies © Ian Hippolyte

Ciaran Davies, 21

Welshman Ciaran, who works as a surveyor, opened up about what he would like in a partner, saying: “Obviously looks but humour is a big thing for me, I’m a bit of a wind up so I want a girl who can give it back. Loyalty is another one for me, I think that’s the most important thing to look for in a relationship.”

Mimii Ngulube
© Ian Hippolyte

Mimii Ngulube, 24

Mental health nurse Mimii is all about being a “girls girl” in the villa, we love to see it! She said: “I’m a girls’ girl. My girls are my rocks and I’m theirs so I’ll be a good friend as well as going in there to find a man. I like dressing up so I’ll bring style, and I’d like to think I’m quite funny so I’ll make people laugh. Bringing honesty as well - I’m good at picking up on people's personality traits and side-eyeing those who might be a liar.” 

Sam Taylor© Ian Hippolyte

Sam Taylor, 23

Chesterfield-based hair stylist opened up about what he’d want his islander friends to know, saying: “I’d say not to judge a book by its cover because how I look compared to what I do for work might not necessarily add up. You wouldn’t look at me as a tall guy covered in tattoos and think that I make girls' hair look pretty for a living.” 

Jess White© Ian Hippolyte

Jess White, 25

Stockport-based retail manager Jess opened up about life as a single girl, saying: “I think I’m single because I don’t underestimate the fact that I’m hard work. I know what I want and I'm not easily pleased. When you’re a loud, outgoing woman, sometimes it can intimidate men - men don’t always want that. I think that can sometimes put people off me because I am quite loud and you can hear me before you see me. Some men love that though.” 

Ayo Odukoya© Ian Hippolyte

Ayo Odukoya, 25

Ayo is a model who hails from Canning Town - and opened up about what makes him a catch. “I feel like the way I carry myself is very respectful and I think people take to that and once you show who you are to somebody you get it back tenfold,” he said. “The way I am gives off a good enough energy for people to feel comfortable around me.” 

Harriet Blackmore© Ian Hippolyte

Harriett Blackmore, 24

Bringing the drama, welcome to the villa dancer and personal shopper, Harriet! The Brighton-born star says: “I’ll bring the entertainment for everyone in the Villa,  whether that’s making the girls laugh or making the boys turn their heads, I’m sure that I’ll bring the drama.”