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Carol Vorderman reveals her secret to happiness at 58

She's worked out the equation for happiness

Harriet Keane
Harriet KeaneLifestyle Intern
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If you think that approaching your sixties means staying in, watching soaps and liking videos of dogs on Facebook, you’d be oh so wrong. When HELLO! caught up with Carol Voderman, 58, she revealed she's the happiest she has ever been. Luckily for us, the former Countdown star exclusively spilt some of her secrets as to why she's so content and you might be surprised. From partying to hiking and even flying planes, the maths genius may have just figured out the equation to happiness - and we’re in!

carol trousers

Currently hosting her own lunchtime radio on BBC Radio Wales and often covering for Lorraine on her ITV morning show, Carol is a busy woman right now but she is also a very happy one, she confessed to HELLO!: "I am SO happy and I absolutely and I cannot stress this enough, I love my life. I love it. I am endlessly bubbling over."

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The TV presenter credits her newfound joy to her active lifestyle: "I'm always in the gym, I'm always doing circuits, I’m always hiking ... I walk a lot, I choose not to drive when I can, I hike a lot and I build it into every day and that is the key. It just makes you feel good about your life and makes me happy."

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It’s no secret that the mum-of-two looks incredible but how does she do it? She advised: "Whatever it is you're doing you’ve just got to keep moving and it’s not a competition. I don’t like going to classes where people are in competition with each other - y'know, who's the bendiest or youngest? I don’t care as long as you're doing what's right for you at the level that's happy for you and your body is mobile."

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Carol when she appeared on I'm a Celeb... 

Carol displayed her incredible figure to the world as early as 2004 when she took part in Strictly Come Dancing. The former contestant is friends with the "absolutely lovely" Oti Mabuse, and approves of the dancer's sister, Motsi Mabuse, getting the role as the new Strictly judge: "If the sisters are similar then she will be absolutely lovely, too.’ However, Carol did admit she is hardly ever home to watch TV, telling us: "I go out all the time! I have the lowest boredom threshold ever, and so I’m always doing something."

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Carol Vorderman Strictly

Carol on Strictly Come Dancing

Although, this doesn’t mean that the blonde-haired beauty doesn’t enjoy a night in from time to time: "When I sort of clock off, I watch catch telly - particularly dramas," but she admitted: "I’m forever behind in what I’ve recorded, like hours and hours behind, because I’m out, hiking or flying or partying or working or travelling."

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When she's at home she's very conscious of wasting energy, and even has a Smart Meter installed in her house. The meter records the consumption of electric energy and enables her to see how much, and how often, she is using up energy: "It's the basic building block of trying to make [electricity] more efficient - it’s a real game-changer." The information from the meter is recorded and enables to create a ‘Smart Grid’ which can change our electricity consumption and is something Carol encourages everyone to get. 

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As well as sharing eco tips, the glamorous TV star also shared some killer beauty tips that she uses to achieve her glowing complexion: "I don’t put much under my eyes because that goes into the wrinkles. I use Bio-Oil a lot but my biggest one is water, I drink about 2-3 litres a day."

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Carol Voderman laughing

But at the end of the day, Carol admits that happiness is at the centre of her youthful glow: "What makes me happy are my kids, my friends, belly laughing - crying laughing, flying my plane, parties, my radio show and I love just messing around really."

Carol, can we party with you please?

Carol Vorderman is encouraging everyone to get a smart meter, to help create a smart grid which will use greener energy. Learn how smart meters will pave the way for the future Smart E-Home on   

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