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Zara Tindall’s makeup artist reveals the ‘clean girl’ foundation she swears by for special occasions

Zara Tindall's makeup secrets revealed… 

Zara Tindall looking beautiful at ascot
Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
Updated: June 23, 2023
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Zara Tindall always brings her A-game when it comes to special occasions - whether it's a trip to Ascot, a royal event or date night with her husband Mike Tindall. 

We reached out to Alisia Ristevski, one of Zara's hair and makeup artists, to find out tips on how to master occasion makeup. 

"For major events I tend to lean into soft glam, highlighting features whether it is soft pink cheeks or darker eyes," Alisia told us. 

You did Zara's hair and makeup for the Coronation. Did you and Zara chat much to discuss the overall hair and makeup look to go for?

"I tend to have a short conversation on the look then to do what I think will work and is appropriate for the occasion/ event and the outfit."

Zara Tindall makeup at coronation© Mark Cuthbert
Zara Tindall arriving at the King's Coronation

What kind of skincare advice do you tend to share with your clients before a big event like that?

"Skin prep is so important. It provides me with the perfect canvas to work on. I always encourage my clients to use good skincare before big events, and often recommend to see a beauty therapist beforehand as they are the experts in skin prep."

She added: "Skin is so personal; from oily skin to sun damaged skin, I always recommend to see a professional to advise what is best for your skin. Facials are key to even skin tone, which gives foundation the best chance to perform."

Zara Tindall's makeup looked flawless at a National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II © Max Mumby/Indigo
Zara Tindall's makeup looked flawless at a National Service of Thanksgiving to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

You started off Zara's makeup with Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Cream, what do you love about that?

“What I love about using Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream is that it gives a soft luminous glow and preps the skin evenly and works with any beauty product routine the client has. I usually start with Magic Cream and let the cream do its magic while I start with eyes. By the time I am ready to start with skin the cream has given me an even base to work with. Also I find it holds foundation for long periods of time. Which is great for long day events and photo shoots."

Tarte Cosmetics is a firm favourite judging from the product breakdown on your Instagram - what's the number one product someone should try if they're not familiar with the brand?

"I love Tarte Cosmetics. I find this brand always delivers on product and always gives great results."

“My favourite at the moment is the cream blush & bronzer which I did use in my product breakdown. I think they have a beautiful finish…very workable and you can go as light or as heavy as you wish."

Zara's makeup obviously needed great staying power being at the event all day - what's your secret for mastering that?

"I think the key is the skin prep. And I don’t usually overload the skin, I like the skin to look like skin… fresh and luminous. My favourite technique lately is under contouring which I use my tarte cream bronzer and I lightly contour before I put foundation. I find this give a much more natural glow."

Zara Tindall is pictured during Cazoo Derby meeting at Epsom Racecourse in 2022© Andrew Redington
Zara Tindall is pictured during Cazoo Derby meeting at Epsom Racecourse in 2022

Royals and celebrities are rarely snapped touching up their makeup or their lipstick, what's the key to keeping lips looking nice and glossy all day?

“Lipgloss and lipsticks are so personal, usually the key is to stay natural with lip colour so as it wears off you rarely notice in photos. Finding a lipgloss/ lipstick that isn’t too sticky is key, and a natural lip liner helps to keep everything looking good throughout long periods of time."

She added: “A favourite of mine is the Chanel Coco Rouge which is so beautiful on the lips and tends to give a perfect subtle shine without looking too intense and lasts for long periods of time. MAC Cosmetics do a great lip liner range and for a longer lasting look I tend to colour match as natural as possible to the clients natural lip colour."

The foundation you used on Zara - Ilia - what do you love about it for those who've not tried it?

"When I first started using Ilia I was impressed with the staying power it has. I use it in a lot of photo shoots for long wear. It is the perfect foundation to give the clean girl makeup look as you can build the foundation. The staying power is so impressive, and how the foundation holds onto blush and contour is soft and natural."

What's the cheapest thing you have in your makeup kit that you couldn't do your job without?

"The cheapest thing I have in my makeup kit is my L’Oréal Paris Telescopic £10 mascara. And I honestly can’t live without. The perfect eye wand and the texture of the mascara is perfect. It’s not too thick and it’s great for volume and I can build up the product as I wish. Also easy to remove."

Out of all the hair products you used on Zara, which one is a must-try?

“A must for my hair updos and for long lasting hairstyles I use my Kevin Murphy Powder Puff, Eleven Australia dry finish texture spray and Eleven Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray."

Or a product you use on Zara a lot as it's perfect for her hair?

"I love using Eleven Australia I Want Body Foam to prep hair before a blow-dry. Super easy to use as a replacement for mousse to give body to a blow-dry and to hold waves. I always finish with a non greasy gloss, I tend to use a spray gloss to finish up-dos to finish to look."

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