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ghd's new heated hairbrush is going for twice the price on eBay

It has the internet in a frenzy...

ghd glide
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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Recently we told you all about ghd's newest launch, the ghd Glide, and now it's all sold out and going for double the price on eBay. Why is it so special, we hear you cry! Well, wish you could have some extra time in bed and still head to work/the school run looking incredible? Well, ghd's new heated hair brush is a total game changer. You can forget booking in for expensive blow drys to get the perfect 'Chelsea blow dry' the Duchess of Cambridge made famous all those years ago, because this heated hair brush will be your new weapon of choice. We tried it on a Sunday night and woke up Monday mornin with salon-perfect hair - a quick once-over with the glide and we were ready to go! Result.

kate middleton hair

So how does the ghd glide work?

Ok, so first up, it looks like an actual hairbrush except this one heats up in seconds (90, to be exact). Fairly lightweight - about the same weight as a set of hair straighteners - the hot brush glides through dry hair effortlessly. And because the brush reaches the optimum 185C styling temperature, you'll get healthier looking hair, and the ceramic technology with anti-static ioniser restores balance back in the hair to eliminate frizz so that hair is left perfectly smooth and glossy.

If your hair is long, the glide has a combination of high density shorter bristles and longer bristles which allow large sections to be styled with ease, and the best bit is the long bristles detangle hair before shaping and are cool to touch. 

ghd glide

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Hairstylist to the stars, and ghd UK ambassador, Zoe Irwin said: "It's wonderful for soft volume, beautiful sleek styling and I adore it for fringes too. Its beautiful simplicity makes it an incredible styling tool. Simply glide the brush through your hair to smooth waves and create sleekness with an airy texture. ghd glide is incredible for shaping your hair into a modern style really simply and quickly."

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How much is the ghd glide and should you buy it?

It costs £125 and was available for a limited time only on launch day. If you're fairly low-maintenance and can't be bothered to straighten or curl your hair every day, this could well be your new best friend. It takes some getting used to, and you might struggle at first, but there's no denying, the desired look was achieved in about half the time of regular (more high maintenance) styling.

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As well as reducing your morning getting ready time - hallelujah -  the brush also comes with an automatic sleep mode which will force it to switch off after 60 minutes of non-use, meaning you'll no longer panic if you left the house in a whirlwind in the morning.

What do other people say?

One happy customer reviewed the glide online and said: "This product is amazing with three kids under five. I can straighten my hair in no time and it makes life so much easier with long frizzy hair. I would recommend this to anyone."

Still need to be convinced? Watch Lisa Potter Dixon's review on YouTube... 

Can a hairbrush really straighten your hair? Part 2

Lisa Potter Dixon puts the ghd Glide to the test

Will it rival the Dyson AirWrap? Or will people ditch their straighteners or tongs? We shall soon find out. 

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