When will hairdressers open in the UK after the lockdown? The latest news

Hairdressers won't be opening for a while...

Megan Bull

With the coronavirus lockdown closing the doors to our favourite hairdressers and salons, many of us have been left to contend with growing roots and DIY haircuts. Since addressing the nation on Sunday 10 May, Boris Johnson has revealed the government's roadmap for recovery, but unfortunately, it doesn't look like hairdressers will be reopening any time soon. 

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Publishing the UK's 60-page plan online, it has been confirmed that the reopening of businesses such as hairdressers would fall under phase three of the government's current strategy, and would, therefore, remain closed until 4 July. Counting down the days? Us too. 

Outlining phase three, the plan states that: "The ambition at this step is to open at least some of the remaining businesses and premises that have been required to close, including personal care (such as hairdressers and beauty salons) hospitality (such as food service providers, pubs and accommodation), public places (such as places of worship) and leisure facilities (like cinemas). They should also meet the COVID-19 Secure guidelines."

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In the meantime, however, L'Oréal has produced a Back to Business Salon Support Guide to help salons to prepare for their safe reopening in the coming months. Offering detailed hygiene and safety guideline recommendations, as well as team and salon organisation advice, L'Oréal's definitive guide can be downloaded on the brand's Access education platform.

Addressing the current challenges faced by hairdressers, session Stylist and CEO of Hershesons Salons, Luke Hersheson has also outlined his plan of action. He said: "As a salon owner, it is my job to be organised, to look after my team and my clients and cater for their health and safety - so in the new context we are facing, it is no different. We have been working on plans for weeks now to ensure that we are ready to open safely – our clients can't wait and neither can we!"


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As for the rest of the world, hair salons across Europe have begun to reopen, subject to a number of strict rules. In France, salons are not permitted to accept walk-in clients and everyone will be asked to wear masks, gowns, and disposable gloves as well as using disinfectants. Meanwhile in Germany hairdressers are only allowed to dry cut hair and must leave every other salon chair empty in accordance with social distancing measures. 

After he delivered his speech, the Prime Minister came under fire for his plan of action, namely because phase one permits that "all workers who cannot work from home should travel to work if their workplace is open." Dubbed confusing and ambiguous, many have taken to Twitter to vent their frustrations. One user wrote: "Boris says if you can't work from home you should return to work... so do hairdressers, gyms, etc open? They can't work from home - the nation needs more clarification from the UK government." "I guarantee some Hairdressers and barbers will chance their arms tomorrow and open up. No clarity for UK government on this sector again," tweeted another. 

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