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10 Loose Women ladies rocking bikinis and swimsuits

The Loose Women ladies don't just talk about body confidence…

loose women stars bikinis
Jenni McKnight
US Lifestyle Editor
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christine lampard swimsuit© Photo: Instagram

The Loose Women ladies aren't shy about tackling sensitive subjects; from mental health to relationships. One debate that seems to arise again and again though is that of body positivity. Many of the show's stars, including Denise Welch and Nadia Sawalha, have been on their own inspirational journeys with their weight through the years – and they don't just preach about the importance of body positivity, they practice it too! None of the ladies have shied away from rocking a bikini or swimsuit, and why should they? Let's take a look at some of the stars of the ITV daytime show looking fabulous in their swimwear…

Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard has always looked in great shape, but the Loose Women star previously revealed that she gained one stone following the birth of her daughter Patricia in September 2018. "I could do more to try to trim myself back in, but I don’t care," she told Fabulous magazine. "I’m enjoying her and I enjoy a glass of rosé. I mean come on, it’s the summer! I can’t say no to any of it." Even if she has gained weight, Christine still looks fab in a swimsuit!

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andrea mclean bikini© Photo: Instagram

Andrea McLean

How amazing does Andrea McLean look in a bikini? The Loose Women star, just like many other women, has dealt with her own body insecurities, but previously admitted she's decided to "stop giving a damn" after being self-conscious about her figure for such a long time. Captioning the above photo back in 2019 ahead of her 50th birthday, Andrea said: "#ThisBikiniCan be strong and sexy in swimwear this summer. I feel really passionate about every woman being and feeling comfortable in their own body. So many of us don't feel comfortable in swimwear and I didn't for a really long time. I’m turning 50 this year and I've decided to stop giving a damn and live life to the full."

jane moore figure swimsuit© Photo: Instagram

Jane Moore

Jane Moore looks flawless in her chic red strapless swimsuit as she soaks up the sunshine in her garden while isolating at home. The 57-year-old isn't afraid to share photos of herself rocking a bikini either, but has revealed that while she favours the odd "flattering snap", she looks very different standing up. "I know it’s de rigeur to post photos pointing out whatever you think your flaws are, but I’m too old for all that. So instead, I’m very happy to post a flattering snap when I see one!" she previously said of a photo of herself lying down on a lilo in a stunning two-piece.  She added: "No, I don't look anything like this standing up and yes I have cellulite that you can’t see, but so what?" 

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denise welch bikini© Photo: Instagram

Denise Welch

Denise Welch looks incredible! She often shares photos of herself in swimwear – and rightly so! But back in 2014, she spoke openly about gaining two stone after giving up alcohol and replacing it with sugary foods. Speaking to The Mirror, the 61-year-old revealed: "I gave up alcohol and started to replace it with what could have been a potential food addiction… I was potentially going to destroy my life with an eating disorder: a potential food addiction as opposed to an alcohol addiction.”

The Loose Women presenter, however, managed to turn it around by following a strict portion-controlled diet plan combined with the motivation of her looming wedding to now-husband Lincoln Townley. Reverting back to a size ten, she commented: "I knew that this [healthy lifestyle] was something I wanted to do for life...I just feel so much better now. Switching to a healthy lifestyle is the best thing I’ve ever done for my health, my relationship with my husband and my children."

stacey solomon bikini© Photo: Instagram

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon has been very open about her own body insecurities, but that doesn't stop her from wearing a stunning two-piece or a swimsuit. The mum-of-three happily poses with her kids while enjoying a trip to the swimming pool (before lockdown) or even sitting in a paddling pool in her own back garden. Recently, she shared a sweet image of herself and youngest son Rex, reminding her followers to love their bodies as they are. She said: "Here’s to another year of loving our bodies no matter how hard society tries to stop us." She also previously posted: "This week It’s mental health awareness week, and the theme this year is body image. Something I feel so passionately about. So I’m posting to try and spread somebody cheer... Our bodies are incredible. No matter what society makes you feel, YOU ARE ENOUGH."

nadia sawalha bikini© Photo: Instagram

Nadia Sawalha 

Nadia Sawalha is also no stranger to sharing body positive posts on social media and has been open about her own struggles with her weight over the years. In 2010, the former EastEnders actress brought out a fitness DVD but has since admitted that it left her incredibly unhappy. She told Your Fitness Today: "When I did my DVD I got down to nine stone six and I looked amazing but for me to maintain that weight is just too much because it’s not my natural body type." Nadia is the first to admit that she loves food and even has her own cooking show, so just because her weight may fluctuate, doesn't mean her attitude towards her body does.

"I now vary between ten stone six and ten stone ten – I’d like to be ten stone, to be honest, but I just love food too much!” The TV presenter confessed: "I have an amazing acceptance of my body now. I try to be grateful for all that it’s done for me. After years of self-loathing, I’m now in a better place." And we think she looks incredible!

brenda edwards bikini© Photo: ITV

Brenda Edwards 

Brenda Edwards put aside her body insecurities to walk the catwalk in a swimsuit on an episode of Loose Women in September 2019. The 51-year-old had been photographed as part of the show's 'Body Stories' campaign. "It was about empowerment and being strong and loving my body," said Brenda. Referring to her own previous insecurities, she added: "After I had Jamal, I came out with loads of stretch marks all across my stomach. That made me immediately shy away from showing anything to do with my body. I'm actually quite happy with how it looks now," she revealed. "This is what I'm about, if you don't like it, tough, I don't really care. I'm grateful that my body got me through cancer – this my body and I'm embracing me as much as I can." We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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coleen nolan swimsuit© Photo: ITV

Coleen Nolan

We love Coleen Nolan. While she has been very open about her body insecurities, she hasn't let that stop her from posing in a swimsuit in a nationwide campaign for Loose Women. Back in 2016, Coleen was told live on Loose Women that she was three stone overweight. Appearing emotional, she admitted: "Sometimes you do have to face the truth. Nobody thinks they're as overweight as they are." That same year she slimmed down to a size 14, saying: "I think my body is naturally happy in a 12 to 14. It’s maintainable there... It’s about my health and living longer for [her daughter] and my boys Shane Jnr and Jake, and my granddaughter."

saira khan bikini© Photo: Instagram

Saira Khan

Saira Khan has been on a fitness journey, vowing to get into better shape as she approaches her 50th birthday. We think she looked incredible before, but after some intense workouts, it appears she is happier than ever. Sharing a stunning photo of herself in a bikini earlier this week, Saira said: "Sometimes we women are our own worst enemies. I know I am so self-critical. I pick at myself all the time, 'my tummy’s not flat enough, I’m getting saggy bits, my skin is not perfect,' and the list goes on and on. But as I head this week to celebrating 50 years on this planet, I am entering it with so much confidence, acceptance and positive self-esteem. I’ve realised that actually, I’m the happiest I have ever been, despite lockdown, because in life I’ve done the best that I could possibly do in the circumstances and I don’t have any regrets looking back." Hear, hear! 

linda robson bikini© Photo: Instagram

Linda Robson

Linda Robson has been very open with her recent battles with anxiety and OCD. But while she's busy working on getting herself back to full health, we found an incredible swimsuit snap she shared back in 2018. The Loose Women star looked amazing in a blue one-piece while she reclined on a sun lounger. She said at the time: "For the first time I felt comfortable walking around, I posted it because I was proud of myself." She added: "I've lost two and a half stone, I've been going to the gym, why not post it?" 

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