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Olivia Munn's surprising diet and fitness secrets revealed

She has some unusual tips

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Hannah Hargrave
Hannah HargraveUS Deputy Editor
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Olivia Munn knows how to make a bold body statement whether it's on the red carpet, on the big screen, or on the beach! But what exactly does she do to keep her health in check?

Surprisingly, the 40-year-old isn't a fan of working out, however, she knows how important it is to keep active, so she has some interesting and fun ways to stay in shape. 

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See what the Newsroom actress does to keep her body in tip-top condition and get some meal inspiration too.  

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What does Olivia Munn eat for breakfast?

Olivia keeps it light and simple when it comes to her first meal of the day.

She told E! News: "Avocado with hemp seeds, kosher salt and lemon," is her favourite. "I cut it in half and sprinkle it all in there and eat with a spoon."

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olivia munn bikini© Photo: Instagram

Olivia works hard to maintain her figure 

Does Olivia Munn believe in dieting?

The Six actress clearly eats a healthy diet but that doesn't mean she believes in restricting herself ALL of the time. Olivia follows an 80/20 rule, which means she eats well 80 percent of the time and indulges the other 20 percent.

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What does Olivia Munn eat for lunch?

The star has her heaviest meal at lunchtime, and it sounds delicious! 

"Usually white rice, yellow curry with vegetables," she told E! News. "And I'll eat a pickle whenever I can with a meal, so I'll probably eat one at lunch." 

olivia munn handstand© Photo: Instagram

Olivia has a black belt in taekwondo 

To get bikini ready fast - she does this!

If she wants to look her best in a bikini there’s one thing Olivia makes sure she does: "It's super simple, but it's just drinking so much water," she told Us Weekly. "The more water you drink, it just speeds up your metabolism, helps flush everything out.

"And if you put lemon in your water, it’s really great to help you drain a lot of things out."

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olivia munn avocado© Photo: Instagram

Avocado is Olivia's favourite breakfast staple 

What does Olivia Munn eat for dinner?

It's another healthy meal for Olivia when it comes to dinner. The actress opts for "salad with vegetables and quinoa," so that she doesn't go to bed feeling too full. 

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She credits Japenese potatoes for her youthful complexion

olivia munn red carpet© Photo: Getty Images

Olivia always looks red carpet ready

Olivia told New York Magazine: "I get my potatoes from a Japanese market. I'll take one sweet potato, slice it into one-inch-thick slices, and then dust it with olive oil and cinnamon, put it in the oven, and do that as dessert."

She swears she saw "a huge difference" in her complexion and her flexibility after months of eating them. 

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What is Olivia Munn’s workout regime?

Olivia has previously admitted she’s a woman who "literally hates working out" so when she isn't following a strict exercise program for a movie role, she switches it up to stay interested. 

"I get super bored," she told Us Weekly. "I don’t know how people go to the gym every day and do the same thing over and over." 

olivia munn waist© Photo: Instagram

Olivia doesn't like working out but she still does it 

Instead, Olivia - who has a black belt in taekwondo - opts to chop and change her routine. 

"I do martial arts a lot, and so I have a routine that I can do that's different every single day. It takes me only about 30 or 45 minutes."

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