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8 best juice cleanses to try: From an immune-boosting detox to celebrity-favourite cleanse

A juice cleanse can benefit your skin, sleep and even your immunity. Shop the best.

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Carla Challis
Carla ChallisCommerce Partnerships Editor
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I don't know about you, but it doesn't matter the time of year - I'm always striving to be healthier. Celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Carol Vorderman praise the benefits of a juice cleanse for improving health, but what is one and how on earth do you start a juice cleanse?

If you're looking for a way to reboot and recharge, a juice cleanse could be perfect for getting your body - and mind - sharp and ship shape. Juice cleanses can benefit your skin, sleep, and even your immunity. Salma Hayek is such an advocate of juicing, she started her own juicing business, Cooler Cleanse. "After doing a juice cleanse, I'm motivated to eat healthier and not emotionally," Salma says. "It makes me stop, focus and think about what I'm putting into my body. I'm making a commitment to my health and hitting the reset button."

Fancy a slice of the juicing action? The good news is, juice cleanses have come a long way from the days when you had to be BFFs with a blender to even get started. Nowadays they come delivered straight to your door, ready-made and tailored to give you the daily nutrients you need.

Benefits of a juice cleanse

A juice cleanse is typically done to detox the body of toxins like sugar and alcohol, and can give your gut a rest so it works better. People swear by juice cleanses for everything from weight loss to clearer skin, more energy, a stronger immunity and better sleep.

It's also a way to flood your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from a range of fruit and vegetables - great if you struggle to get your five-a-day.

Juice cleanses - what the experts say

We asked Plenish Drinks founder, Kara Rosen for her expert advice on juice cleanses:

"On a cleanse, you’re abstaining from eating solid foods, but it’s also about the other thing that you’re not putting into your body (coffee, sugar, alcohol, and stimulants) and getting lots of hydration. It allows your body to reset and allows your tastebuds to reset too. On a cleanse, you sleep better, your digestive system isn’t working so hard – you feel cleaner, lighter and brighter. When you get back post-cleanse, it’s a bit easier to appreciate some natural foods better. An apple tastes a little bit extra sweet, you probably don’t need as much salt on your food, you may not have that second coffee and you may choose not to have wine with dinner because you feel like you’ve just done your body a really great service.

"Fasting has been around since B.C. – religiously and spiritually, the human race has always used fasting. There’s a certain naturalness to it that we’ve all been doing for thousands of years. I think cleansing becomes a much easier way to do that because we’re not just hanging out in our loincloths – we are going to work, working out, looking after kids, working one job, two jobs… We’re all very busy, and cleansing is really convenient. You get your products, they’re all numbered and it’s really easy to navigate. You don’t have to cook, you don’t have to clean, you don’t have to think about what you’re eating for a few days. It’s also a little bit of a mental holiday. If you’re anything like me and stress about what you’re going to eat for the next meal, it’s a really easy, convenient way to feel good and do good for your body."

 Cons of a juice cleanse

Juice cleanses aren't for everyone. I've tried a few and fared differently, from finding them easy to follow as long as my activity on the day was at a minimum, to not being able to finish them. I found myself craving cucumber, just to crunch something, so definitely ease yourself in with a one day cleanse.

Always consult your doctor or a health professional if you are going to embark on one. Juice cleanses can be expensive, and if you've got a hectic schedule, it's best to leave trying one until you're a little less busy.

How many days does a juice cleanse last?

A juice cleanse typically lasts from one to seven days, depending on the one you choose. Newbies are recommended to try one for one to two days and the more experienced can juice cleanse for seven days.

What should you eat after a juice cleanse?

Before embarking on a juice cleanse (consult with your doctor first), you probably think you'll be craving pizza and chocolate post-cleanse, but a juice cleanse also affects your metabolism and people find they're less hungry afterwards. But when you do return to solids, keep it light - think steamed vegetables, whole foods such as nuts and a little fruit.

Add a green smoothie to your daily diet too (experts suggest first thing in the morning) and try to swap caffeine with hot water and lemon.

Best juice cleanses

The best juice cleanse to do with a friend


press couples cleanse


Worried you lack the motivation to see a juice cleanse through? Juicing with a friend could be the answer to your problems. Press' Couples Cleanse includes eight juices per person per day, from tasty vegan milkshakes to green juices and vegetable juices, plus you save 10% by doing it together. Everybody wins. 

Top review:  "Great for a first try, but for someone who prefers savoury over sweet, it was a little too sweet! Loved it though."

The best Amazon juice cleanse


Nosh Detox Juice Cleanse


Choose from four different juice cleanses, including a mixed fruit, mint, apple and spirulina, and this, the raw smoothie mix. Full of fresh, raw produce, they're as delicious as they are healthy.

Top review: "I was interested in doing a cleanse to complement my fitness regime and this ticked all the boxes. The smoothies were great tasting and filling, without any added sugars (a big plus), and I felt great following my cleanse. Highly recommended!"

The best medicinal juice cleanse


This award-winning juice cleanse uses highly potent superfoods, created using a mix of adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, ayurvedic herbs, tonics and their signature raw cold- pressed juices, to help improve overall health and liver function. Helps to improve energy and how you body deals with stress.

The best juice cleanse to support immunity


pres imunity

Give your immunity a big old boost with Press' immunity soup cleanse, designed to nourish and strengthen yours.

We LOVE that it’s not just juices (theirs are cold-pressed juices); there’s also delicious warming soups and booster shots to mix things up. Choose from a two-day, three-day or five-day cleanse.

Top review: "Got so much energy after 48 hours."

The best juice cleanse for beginners 

radiance cleanse

Fruit and vegetable juices as well as nut milks are included in Radiance’s signature juice cleanse, recommended for first-timers or those wanting to ease their way into a juice cleanse. Choose from a one-day cleanse up to a five-day cleanse.

The best juice cleanse for a sugar detox 


We know sugar is an addiction which is hard to break (even Davina McCall has spoken of her struggle to quit the sweet stuff) but if you’re wanting to try and break yours, or at least ease up on the sugar, Presscription’s sugar detox cleanse is designed for those struggling with their sugar and carb cravings.

It’s said to 'reset' your body’s natural hunger and keep blood sugar levels balanced. Choose from a three-day, five-day or seven-day cleanse.

Top review: "I have to say I was bit sceptical at first, I have tried intermittent fasting before which made me constantly hungry and furious. This however didn’t make me hungry at all, and telly improved my sugar cravings for quite some time. Also my skin looked absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend this juicing if you are looking for a quick fix of your sugar cravings."

The best green juice cleanse 

green cleansez

Recommended for those who’ve juice cleansed before, an all-green juice cleanse isn’t for the faint-hearted - but is said to help improve your skin and your sleep.

Start with this one-day all-green juice cleanse, which even includes some detox bath salts for you to reward yourself with after a hard-day of juicing.

Top review: "Love how convenient these are to have a delicious juice and get more fruit and veg to be healthier. I’m super fussy and hardly like any fruit or veg but these are really nice! It also means I’m getting the fruit and veg I wouldn’t ever eat."

The best juice cleanse for the 5.2 diet

Plenish juice cleanse

This Plenish juice cleanse is designed to kick start weight loss without leaving you feeling hungry. Intended to be used on your fasting days as part of the popular 5:2 diet, it includes six 250ml cold pressed juices made with 3kg of organic produce.

They feel fairly substantial but total just 600 calories for the whole day - so it's not for beginners. It's also one of the more eco-friendly cleanses, coming with a glass straw and recyclable bottles.

How I chose the best juice cleanses

  • Trusted reviews: I haven't personally tried all of the juice cleanses, but I've combed through the online reviews to find the juice cleanses that seem to be the most popular and most praised.
  • Price: Juice cleanses can be pricey, so I've scoured the web for a range of price points to suit all budgets.
  • Variety: Since not everyone wants to be drinking green juice, and green juice only, even for a day, this edit includes juice cleanses that offer a variety of flavours, juices and soups too.

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