Amy Robach inundated with support after new announcement

The star had a new goal to work towards!

Good Morning America's Amy Robach is a keen fitness fanatic, regularly documenting her runs around New York on her Instagram feed.

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The presenter doesn't train alone either, as she regularly partakes in the exercise with a group of friends.

And on Monday, the star surprised fans as she announced not only an expansion to her running group, but an incredible goal they were training towards.

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In a photo, Amy and six members of her running club looked incredibly proud of themselves as they finished up a six-mile run.

"Run club expanded and so did my heart," the star wrote.

She then revealed the group's fitness goal, as she put: "First official day of Berlin marathon training and encouraging everyone out there to grab a friend and take a walk, a run or even a stretch – or one of our favorites – you an even hit the social dance button on an @apple Watch and burn calories on the 'dance floor' aka my kitchen."

Amy also uploaded some stats from her run, showing the group were active for 48 minutes and completed a mile's distance every seven minutes and 53 seconds.

Amy revealed the group were training for the Berlin marathon

The star was inundated with support by fans, with many impressed about her personal average pace.

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"Awesome pace you guys!!" enthused one, while a second added: "Your pace is inspiring, I would not make it that far going that fast!"

A third joked: "You are truly inspirational and a little intimidating for us perpetual joggers. You go girl."

Although Amy is usually full of positivity, the star recently opened up about a personal struggle she faced about step-parenting her husband's, Andrew Shue, children from his previous relationship.

The couple spoke to Ashley Bellman on The Middle as they prepared for the launch of their debut children's book, Better Together.

The star is a keen runner

She said: "That was a tough road for me as we both came from being single parents for a while and then suddenly then having to live with someone with a different parenting style to you.

"That is a recipe for struggle and for stress and surrender and growth are the only options if you want to stay together. It was not an easy immediate thing by any stretch of the imagination but I think slowly you start to learn how to truly compromise."

The mother-of-two continued: "Nobody gives you a handbook in being a mom and you definitely don't get a handbook in being a stepmom.

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"And same with being a stepdad. It's something that people don't talk about and it's probably one of the hardest roles that I've taken on and I'm still learning how to be a better one.

"It's not an easy situation but I would say my heart grew ten times the size it was. You really have to open your heart and open your mind, and your flexibility is imperative when it comes to dealing with a blended family."

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