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Kate Middleton's secret for staying on her feet all day in heels

The Duchess of Cambridge rocks sky-high heels on a regular basis

kate middleton feet
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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It's rare to see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing any other shoe than an elegant high heel (save for when she's at sporting engagements), but is her choice of footwear damaging her feet? We spoke to top podiatrist Dina Gohil to find out.

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Dina, who is brand ambassador for Footner Exfoliating Socks, told us that when we wear heels, our pelvis tilts unnaturally, which can cause lower back pain. Wearing heels impacts the balls of the feet and the toes too, as you need to work to try and stabilise yourself to stay balanced. Wearing heels à la Duchess Kate also stops your Achilles tendon from relaxing, meaning it can feel tense after a day on your feet.

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The Duchess often wears court shoes with a pointed toe, and this too could cause issues for her feet. "Narrow shoes can cause corns, calluses and ingrown nails," warns Dina.

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Thickening of nails, deformed toes, heel pain, shin splints, knee pain, hip pain, and even neck pain are all a result of wearing incorrect footwear.

Dina praises Kate for the different variety of heel heights she wears. "We should applaud Kate for changing her footwear if the occasion requires it – for example, she wore supportive specialised tennis trainers recently when playing with US Open Champion, Emma Raducanu," explains Dina.

Kate middleton tennis shoes© Photo: Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge took a rare break from heels to play tennis with Emma Raducanu

"I feel Kate does an excellent job of wearing shoes that vary in heel height, shape and material to best suit her requirements and needs for the occasion or event she is attending," Dina continues.

kate middleton wedges© Photo: Getty Images

Kate Middleton is often seen in a supportive pair of wedges

"For example, wearing heeled wedges with an ankle strap can feel comfortable on the foot, and likewise wearing boots or trainers can be a wonderful option for the feet if you are walking on different grounds and for long days."

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Kate Middleton's healthy feet secrets

"It's rumoured that Kate Middleton has a couple of tricks to help protect her feet from the negative effects of high heels and avoid developing problems," says Dina.

kate middleton blue heels© Photo: Getty Images

Kate often coordinates her heels with her outfits

1. Nonslip tights

According to Dina, Kate wears non-slip tights and socks with gel strips on the bottom to help her feet grip more firmly on the soles of her shoes.

kate middleton croc heels feet

Kate reportedly has hidden socks to keep her heels comfortable

2. Leather soles

"The Duchess is also said to use leather soles to cushion the feet and reduce the impact on the feet when standing and walking in high heels," says Dina.

kate middleton white heels© Photo: Getty Images

Leather soled shoes are more comfortable for the feet

3. Nude stockings

"Royal etiquette requires Kate to wear nude stockings on public duty. These products can be useful to relieve immediate soreness and pain from your shoes – but should only ever be a temporary fix," says Dina.

kate middleton nude heels© Photo: Getty Images

Kate's iconic nude stockings help keep her keep comforable

"It's really important for your feet to take a break from being constricted in shoes – so make sure you take time to air your feet – walk barefoot on grass or sand to give the skin a natural exfoliation and connect with the earth!" Dina says.

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