Prince George now taking after Prince Harry with new royal talent

The future king inherited a special skill from his uncle, the Duke of Sussex

At the weekend, Princess Kate made a rare comment on her children, sharing that her eldest, Prince George, is levelling up his rugby skills at school.

The nine-year-old is advancing from tag rugby to touch rugby and is learning how to tackle – and there's a reason the proud mother believes her son is so skilled at the sport.

"Because he is tall, he has the physique," she shared, while speaking at the Six Nations game in Wales.

Prince George isn't the only rugby player in the royal family – his uncle, Prince Harry was also known for his prowess in the sport, particularly when he was studying at Eton.

Prince Harry enjoyed rugby at school

Writing about his love of rugby during his school years, Harry shared in his memoir, Spare: "I played [all] sport, though rugby captured my heart. Beautiful game, plus a good excuse to run into stuff very hard."

Prince George's younger brother, Louis, 4, also loves rugby according to Princess Kate.

Princess Kate and Prince George at the rugby

During an engagement with England’s wheelchair rugby league team, the Princess of Wales said: "Louis is mad about rugby," before adding: "They all love sport. They are at an age where they just love running around."

While Harry's passion lay primarily with rugby, his nephews and nicece, Princess Charlotte, seem to have more diverse tastes, enjoying tennis, football and gymnastics.

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The Wales children have certainly received top tier coaching when it comes to their passions, with Prince George taking lessons from champion Roger Federer in 2017.

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