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Mindy Kaling's fans confused as she shares everything she eats in a day

The Office star shared a video of a day in her life, with fans puzzled by her breakfast, lunch and dinner choices

Mindy Kaling in a black leather coat
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Mindy Kaling confused fans on Friday when she shared a video of a day in her life, documenting how she spent her day, including what she eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The star's day in life video begins with the 44-year-old saying she's been suffering from jet lag, despite having been back in LA from New York for four days. Mindy then goes on to reveal she sleeps beside a humidifier, with the website for the device claiming it makes it easier for users to sleep soundly.

That's just the first of Mindy's health living hacks, as the comedian then jumps onto her treadmill for a walk first thing in the morning before having a green smoothie for breakfast – though she is displeased by her liquid breakfast, exclaiming: "Ugh!" as her assistant brings it to her.

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Lunch was a sandwich which the star claims was not good, before having liquorice in the afternoon as a pick-me-up. The star then climbed into bed before 8pm, proving an early night helps her feel energised for her busy days.

Mindy's followers were intrigued by what the star ate during the day, commenting: "Ok, so if both breakfast and lunch were disappointing, then what was for dinner? How is no one else wondering this?" with another joking: "She decided to skip because she knew it was going to be equally horrible."

Another queried: "But no dinner?" while a fourth related to Mindy's love of liquorice. "Iconic. Love the liquorice. Such a necessity."

The star gave enough insight into her healthy eating when she flew to New York last week, revealing that rather than eat the plane food, she makes a salad to take with her, sharing that a flight with Jessica Biel 14 years ago inspired her to take her own salad for flights.

Mindy eating a salad on the plance© Instagram
Mindy takes her own salads on flights

"I eat terribly when I travel and I wanted to change that. So instead of eating randomly (which let's face it is fun too, sometimes), I was like 'what if I prepared my meal and brought it with me?'," the star wrote sharing that her salad had cherry tomatoes, spinach, butter lettuce and romaine and salmon.

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Mindy's early morning exercise and healthy eating choices clearly work for her, as she's looking brilliant, as shown at the ChainFEST event on Friday night in LA, slipping into a pair of knee-high cream boots, paired with a short black dress and a Matrix-worthy black leather trench coach that reached down to her calves.

Mindy Kaling in head-to-toe leather© Getty
Mindy Kaling looked lovely in head-to-toe leather

Ever glamorous, Mindy finished the look with a chunky gold necklace, lightly tonged hair and a dark red lipstick that was perfect to celebrate the start of December.

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