Beauty tips: how to disguise bulging eyes

Careful use of makeup can correct and disguise physical flaws

Everyone wants to have large eyes, but, sadly, 'large' comes in many forms, including what can best be described politely as 'bulging'. Fortunately, there are tricks to help disguise such flaws and they only need a little knowledge of make up application.

Light shades of eye shadow should be avoided as they will actually accentuate the lid and make the eyes appear to pop more. Dark shades, on the other hand, will give depth and make the eye appear to recede, so choose smokey greys and deep chestnut tones and apply on the lid and back into the hollow of the eye. Black can be flattering, too, but is an extreme colour best reserved for very dark eyes and it requires great skill to apply well, as well as regular checks and re-touching to make sure it doesn't appear smeary and smudged.

When using very dark shades, it's a good idea to apply a base for the lids (available from Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain, and other brands) or use a thin layer of translucent powder in light beige to help set the colour.

Using an eyelash curler to make lashes look longer and applying a double coat of black or dark brown mascara will also help mask protruding eyes.