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James and Ola Jordan reveal how they defied midwife's advice to help baby Ella 

James and Ola welcomed little Ella in February

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While it is a difficult time in the Jordan household, a little baby doesn’t stop for pandemics, so it’s also business as usual in their house. James and Ola Jordan are certainly becoming experts when it comes to their baby daughter, Ella, and knew just what they needed to try when she struggled from nappy rash - despite it going against the advice of a midwife! In their Strictly Parenting column, the pair open up about how they turned to a tried and tested method after everything else failed... 

"I believe every baby is different so you can't do the same thing with every baby," says James. "There is no wrong or right way, you can only do the best for your baby." 

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The couple welcomed baby Ella in February

"For example, Ella was getting really bad nappy rash and a few of my friends and James' sister said to use this cream," Ola explains. "I was putting the cream on but her bum was getting worse and worse. It was getting blistery and slightly bleeding, and she was in a lot of pain. James said, 'Put Sudocrem on.' Well, I remember when we were in hospital one of the midwives said to me, 'Don't use Sudocrem on the baby,' so I was using the other stuff but nothing was working." 

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The new mum continues: "So one day she was really upset and I was like, 'Right, give me the Sudocrem James.' We put it on, oh my god, overnight it was so much better. It just shows how one person's opinion can be so different." James adds: "It works for her and now her bum is perfect! I told my mum we used it and she said, 'I used that on you.' I don't know why the midwife said that but as my mum said to me, when I was a baby they said to lay babies on their stomach. Now they say, 'Absolutely do not lay on your baby on your tummy, lay them on your back.' These things change all the time." Ola jokily adds: "Now I swear by Sudocrem!" 

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The pair have also perfected helping Ella out after she struggles with pain after feeds. James explains: "At the end of her feeds she gets a lot of pain in her stomach. We do all the stuff you're supposed to do - we burp her after. We've tried burping her after the feed, then mixing it up so after every 30ml she drinks we burp her. Now we've found what soothes her is that if she's in pain, and she gets in a lot of pain, I'll lay her on a mat and I'll cycle her legs and rub her belly. Then I'll cycle again and that soothes her." Ola interjects: "No one tells you what the right thing is, it's like a guessing game! You don't really know until you have your own baby."

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James with baby Ella

The pair have been loving every moment of their time with little Ella, so much so that they revealed that they have both been waking up and helping out every time she needs a nighttime feed. "It's been some good teamwork," Ola says. "Team Jordan!" 

She continues: "If Ella wakes up, I'll wake up and James will prepare a bottle downstairs while I wait with the baby." James added: "Then Ola will feed her and then I'll burp her in an upright position and get some nice burps, then we'll put her back down to go to sleep. We both have our own jobs at the moment". 

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