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Exclusive: Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews introduce their baby daughter to the world

The couple have welcomed their second child on 22 July

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Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have introduced their beautiful baby daughter to the world with an exclusive photoshoot and interview in HELLO! – and revealed that her name, which until now has been a closely-guarded secret, is Gigi Margaux Matthews.

"Life is just wonderful. There really couldn't be more love in our house right now," beams Spencer, welcoming HELLO! into their London home to tell of life as a family of four.

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"When we were discussing names I thought, 'I want to want her name', and I do. I just love it. I wish I was called it myself," says Vogue. "We decided on it ages ago and as soon as we saw her, we knew it suited her. She is so perfect. I am obsessed with her," adds the proud mum, gazing at her baby daughter, who is just one week old as she makes her photoshoot debut.

"I always really liked the name Margaux for a girl, spelt in the French way – like the wine," adds Spencer. "When people ask what she's called I always say Gigi Margaux – like my dad introduces me as Spencer George sometimes. It rolls off the tongue nicely."

Gigi already has a fully-stocked wardrobe. "I've always, always wanted a little girl – I mean, her wardrobe is already quite extensive. I hope nobody buys me any more baby clothes because we've definitely got enough until she's 18 months. I couldn't help myself," smiles Vogue.

vogue and gigi© Photo: HELLO!

With her dark hair and cute dimples, their daughter is "in the nicest, girliest way possible, the image" of Spencer, says Vogue - just like Gigi's 23-month-old big brother Theodore was when he was born in September 2018. "He's been getting a lot of presents off a lot of people. It's like Christmas in this house," smiles the DJ and TV presenter, who is planning to take three weeks off her Heart radio show.

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"We want him to feel special, but actually, he’s been spoilt rotten. He loves his sister though, and he says 'Baba!' He loves holding her. Though he had a couple of quite jealous days at first, and when I'm feeding her he sometimes gives me a little pinch."

vogue williams cover© Photo: HELLO!

The birth went smoothly, and the couple have taken second-time parenthood in their stride. "Her birth was a wonderful moment that I'll treasure," says Spencer, admitting of picking his girls up from hospital the morning after the birth: "The whole thing was alarmingly unstressful. It felt like I was going out to get a coffee." He adds: "Don't get me wrong, we share all sorts of wonderful moments where we're just gazing at Gigi adoringly, but it does feel super smooth and straightforward this time..."

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It doesn't feel like there's been any change to our life, other than the fact that we have a beautiful daughter. I love her very much and I am extremely proud of Vogue. But life goes on."

Shortly after the arrival, the couple exclusively told HELLO! that their little girl was born at 9.30pm on 22 July, weighing 7lbs8oz. Proud new mum Vogue shared: "I am bursting with happiness that our beautiful girl has finally arrived." Proud dad Spencer joked: "She's perfect, onto the next one."

To see all the stunning photos pick up the new copy of HELLO!, out Monday August 3.

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