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Ola Jordan has birthday mishap with present from baby Ella

James and Ola Jordan had a laugh over this one!

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James and Ola Jordan have been enjoying a busy few days while celebrating Ola's birthday - and open up all about her special day - including a hilarious birthday card mishap from beautiful baby Ella. Find out what they've been up to in their latest Strictly Parenting column... 

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"We had a lovely day out for my birthday," Ola says. "We went to the park and then out for lunch and Ella was really good, very quiet. After that she had a little nap at the end of the trip." 

WATCH: Baby Ella hilariously falls fast asleep in her bouncy chair

James continues: "We went to a restaurant which is quite near to my mum and dad's, we took them with us. They've done a really good job with social distancing and they've built a new section and it's quite spaced out." 

The pair admit that they were a little disappointed when Ella was sound asleep for what could have been her first time seeing another baby during their meal! "It's the first time we've been out and seen another baby," Ola explains. "Ella hasn't met another baby yet because none of my friends have little babies. They either don't have children or have older children. But there was this little boy there who was making much more noise than Ella." 

James adds: "She was asleep but we wanted her to see him - but she didn't get to." 

ola jordan ella© Photo: Instagram

Ola celebrated her birthday earlier this week

The pair also reveal that there was a hilarious mishap behind Ola's birthday card from Ella, which was of course organised by James. Ola says: "I got this lovely card through from Ella in the post. I opened it and there's a picture of us cuddling. Obviously, James did the card and he bought it from Moonpig, and on the front it says 'Happy birthday mummy from Matty and Evelyn.' So I opened up the card and thought, 'Who are Matty and Evelyn?!' and he was saying, 'I know, I can't believe they've made a mistake!' 

matty evelyn© Photo: HELLO!

Ola accidentally received a card from 'Matty and Evelyn'

She laughs, continuing: "But basically, bless him, he forgot to change the names on the front of the card. He didn't realise you needed to change it. Inside it's lovely and written from Ella and everything, but outside he forgot to change the names! I was like, 'I didn't know I had two extra kids somewhere!'" 

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ola james 1© Photo: HELLO!

The inside message was still lovely!

Chatting about her presents, she continues: "What did I get? I got a necklace and earrings from my baby. She does have good taste, she always does! I also got a Swarovski phone case from James and a NEOM machine where you can put oils in and it smells nice. I love all of that stuff, candles and things like that. I'm a lucky girl!" 

It was a bittersweet birthday for the new mum, who now hasn't seen her parents since they visited for her birthday in 2019, and who still haven't been able to meet their granddaughter. The former Strictly pro says: "I really missed them on my birthday especially. The longer it gets, I'm missing them more and more. It's hard for me because they haven't even seen my baby. 

baby ella cute 9© Photo: Instagram

Ola's parents have yet to meet little Ella

"I haven't seen them for a year now. They were here for my birthday last year but we didn't see them at Christmas because we were doing panto, and they were going to come when I gave birth but then obviously there was the outbreak so they couldn't do that either." 

Ella is now seven months old, and is learning so much more every day. Ola explains: "She knows how to give kisses now because mummy taught her! I said, 'Kiss kiss kiss,' and did them, so she knows what it is now. But she kisses with her mouth open, she gives you a wet kiss with her tongue out. The other day she gave one to James and he was like, 'Oh my God, she's giving me a kiss!' Her little personality is really coming out." 

james jordan ella© Photo: Instagram

Baby Ella has learned how to kiss her mum and dad

James adds: "This morning she woke up and looked outside, saw it was raining, and you could tell it really fascinated her because it's the first time she's seen it like this, really miserable with loads of rain and you can see her thinking, 'What is this?' She's a lot more alert now. She just knows it all now! 

"She's my child, she's clever isn't she!" Ola exclaims proudly. "As a parent, you just think your child is the best, I definitely have that!" 

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The pair also agree that Ella is a mummy's girl at the moment. "When James has her in his arms, she's always watching me!" Ola says. "She'll really stick her head out and look at what mummy is up to!" 

"She looks for Ola all the time," James agrees. "Oh, she's definitely a mummy's girl. For the moment!" Ola laughs, saying: "Dad will definitely be more fun later. She'll be daddy's girl later. When she goes on a bike, that'll be daddy's job. He is definitely going to spoil her. He spoils her already!" 

ola ella© Photo: Instagram

The pair joke that Ella is a mummy's girl

The pair also opens up about the exclusive video above, where Ella can be seen falling fast asleep while in her bouncy chair. "It's quite funny because this is the second time it's happened, that she's fallen asleep in the bouncer and it makes us feel bad," Ola laughs. "When she goes quiet, you turn around thinking, 'What's happened?' and you just see her fast asleep." 

James adds: "She must just get tired. We don't have a set sleep time in the day. If she needs a sleep, she'll sleep. She does sleep for 11 hours at night. So why would you make her sleep during the day when that's working?"  

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