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James and Ola Jordan's exciting trip with daughter Ella following health scare – video

The professional dancers are relieved their daughter is well again

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Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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It's been a busy week for James and Ola Jordan who have celebrated daughter Ella's second birthday with a fun-filled trip to Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire.

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The trio experienced a traumatic month with Ella being unwell and rushed to hospital with a virus, so were thrilled they were able to treat their little girl to a day out at the park with her favourite TV character Peppa Pig! In this week's column, former Strictly stars Ola and James tell HELLO! all about their trip away, including a funny moment on a ride where Ella got a little wet – we're seriously impressed with their two-year-old's bravery when it comes to the scarier rides.

WATCH: James and Ola Jordan take Ella on special day out - with adorable results!

The couple also open up about the upcoming anniversary of James' father's sad passing one year ago and how Ola's parents are coping living in Poland with the Ukraine conflict so close by. Read their column below…

Ella goes to Peppa Pig World for her birthday

James: We told Ella she was going to Peppa Pig World at home and she was excited but she didn't really know what it was. She was really good in the car which surprised us, and slept for an hour each way. We didn't expect her to be that good. Then when we drove into the park and she saw pictures of Peppa, she went mad!

Ola: She was going: 'Peppa! Peppa! Peppa!'

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ella jordan

Ella had the best time at Peppa Pig World

James: When we got inside the park she didn't know what to do with herself. She loved it. She got to have pictures with Peppa and George. She loved everything.

Ola: We enjoyed it too.

James: We chose a great time to go because the weather was good and the queues were short. It's a great park, because you have Peppa Pig World and sections for children then areas for adults too.

Ola: They've got those little cars there too.

James: It's like an American-style thing where the adult sits on the back and the child on the front. Ella even got her own little driving license. It was good fun.

We did get recognised there but everyone was really nice. The staff said, 'Oh we used to love you on Strictly, why don't you dance anymore?' I went, 'Because we're too fat and old!!'

Ola: We stayed at a lovely hotel too called the Solent Hotel & Spa and used the swimming pool there. Ella got her own little spa robe and slippers which was so cute. We had breakfast the next morning then went back into Peppa Pig World for more fun.

ella olla jordan

Ella with mum on a ride

Ella's funny ride experience

Ola: Ella went on rides about four times, like that dinosaur one. Oh, Ella is telling us right now what the dinosaur did…

James: There's a Jurassic Park ride in Paultons Park that's educational and shows you the dinosaurs.

Ola: There was a big sign saying, 'Some children may find it scary', which she didn't. She was absolutely fine.

James: Until the dinosaur squirted her in the face with water. Out of all the positions that we had her in in the car, she was the only person who got hit, and she got hit square in the face. And I got it on video.

Ola: She's going on about it even now. Bless her, she cried but it was very funny.

family time

A birthday out for the Jordans

James: Something else that was really funny was we went to the baby changing and we saw the Mary Rose ride. It didn't go upside down or anything but it wasn't for little children Ella's age.

She was standing there and went, 'Ella try' and I went, 'No Ella, that's too big for you.' Then she went, 'Ella try, Ella try!' I said, 'Ella, you're not going to like it', and she really kicked off. I went, 'Yep, you want to go on, let's go on'.

We went on it… and well…..

Ola: Oh my god, what a bad parent! I was so scared being on it!

James: It makes your stomach go doesn't it? Ella was ok actually, and the next day she said she wanted to go on it again!

Ella's health update

Ola: Ella is back to normal now after being ill, but actually, this morning I heard her cough again, and thought, 'Oh no, the cough is back.' I'm a bit worried so I'm watching her closely.

James: It's not gone, it's lingering.

Ola: In herself, she feels much better. She jumps on her trampoline and she's back to her naughty self which is lovely to see.


Ella goes for a swim at the hotel

Remembering James' dad

The Jordans are going away to Abu Dhabi on holiday at the end of March for the anniversary of James' father's death, which was a year ago this Sunday.

James: It's my dad's anniversary on 13th March.

Ola: I can't believe how quick it's gone.

What do you think your dad would think about Ella?

Ola: He would absolutely have loved Ella. She's so cheeky. I mean, she has her moments like any other kid – the terrible twos and screaming because she wants her drink in a different cup and all that! She has such a lovely character though.

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Ola's parents in Poland

Ola: It won't be long now before they come, we just have to get them a ticket. They will come over and stay here for a few months. I think they're really scared. I'd rather they were a bit calmer and sit here and at my sister's house, then they've got both of us here.

Poland is taking in a lot of refugees but my parents don't see much because they're in Warsaw, not on the border. Everyone's concerned.

My uncle is concerned. He's got a son who's 20 years old so he's at the age where he'd be taken to the army. Ella hasn't met my uncle yet and we were going to Poland soon but now I don't feel comfortable taking Ella there. He said, 'Maybe we're not meant to meet'. He's really worried. It's heart-breaking seeing what's going on.

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