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Smoothing cellulite: Cellulite

Smoothing cellulite: Cellulite

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It's a 'condition' the West has identified as being an eyesore, yet it's a rare woman who doesn't have dimpling somewhere between her waist and knees, especially when she sits down and the fat is compacted. And babies get it, too.


It's a biological fact women lay down fat around that region more than men to help them out reproductively. And cellulite is simply fat cells poking through connective tissue. If they increase in size, they poke more to create a bulging appearance. So while it's true that there are skinny women with cellulite, it's more common on women who carry weight around their middle and thighs.


As cellulite is rarely seen is on sportspeople, and there is no scientific evidence proving categorically that any marketed cellulite treatment actually gets rid of cellulite, it would seem a healthy lifestyle certainly helps reduce its appearance. The more toned a body is, the more sleek, streamlined muscle there is beneath the skin and less lumpy fat. Lots of exercise will certainly get the circulation going, helping get blood sweeping through to clear out toxins that may well contribute to that lumpy appearance.


Medical experts agree the most likely way to reduce cellulite is to lead a less 'toxic' lifestyle. The more alcohol you drink, cigarettes you smoke and additives you eat, the harder organs and the lymphatic system have to work to cleanse the body. While  exercise, on the other hand, builds muscle and gets circulation going.


In terms of superficial treatments, regular massage does seem to 'break down' the appearance of the fat and also help improve circulation, as does Endermologie - a souped up massage machine and the only clinically proven treatment to help reduce the appearance of dimples.

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