Top fake tanning tips to perfect your summer glow in the winter months

For those of us who love a bit of colour all year round, à la Tulisa and Tess Daly to name but a few tan-loving celebs, we face some big challenges come winter time.

Finding a healthy glow that sits appropriately against a backdrop of grey skies can be difficult.



So here are some tanning tips to perfect your summer skin in the winter months.

1. Prep like a pro - It’s important to exfoliate if you are applying any sort of tan. Exfoliate in the shower using textured scrub gloves or nylon polishing towels to remove any dead skin. This ensures your tan develops evenly and fades evenly. We recommend Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Body Scrub.



2. Go gradual - For a soft, gradual glow try Dove Summer Glow. Containing Deep Care Complex that nourishes skin and keeps it smooth for 24 hours, this is a must-have for the winter months.



2. Be bold - For a more apparent tan, BeautyLab Peptide Tanning incorporates a revolutionary peptide that actives the melanin receptors in the dermis to create a totally streak-free, natural colour.



3. Get an instant glow - With Christmas parties on the cards, you may need an instant tan that washes off. Drying instantaneously, Fake Bake Perfection gives you a natural, healthy glow without the waiting time.


4. Leave it to the pros - If you have trouble applying fake tan, think about indulging in a spray tan.

The Beauty Centre in London offers a Celebrity Secrets spray tan which is perfectly even and lasts for days. £33.00 for full-body and £22 for half body, 02077226603,


Dove Summer Glow - £5.10, BeautyLab Peptide Tanning - £17.00, 0844 324 0754 Fake Bake Perfection, £15,